Dennis Basso Fall 2023

If you want to experience elegant furs, Dennis Basso is your fashion designer of choice during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). And he is one of the few NYFW designers that includes real fur in their collections due to protest from anti-fur activists. Caution to the wind, Basso does what he does best, fur coats and fur-embellished garments.

That said, Basso’s fashion collections include more than fur coats. He also includes wonderful gowns and cocktail dresses in his collection. And his current collection is no exception.

This collection, the 40th anniversary of the brand, celebrates women—Basso’s customer—dressing out and going out again and celebrating nightlife, and more specifically New York City nightlife. For this collection, Basso referenced several previous collections and fabrications from his 40 years of archives.

This fall 2023 collection is composed of statement daywear looks, luxury out-on-the-town looks, full ballgowns, trench coats, and pantsuits. Basso also includes some current trends and continuing trends in this outing, namely extended statement sleeves, gemstone colors, as well as colorful beading and sequins.

Still, what would a Dennis Basso collection be without his furs. And there is a plethora of furs to satiate the palettes of his loyal consumer base. There are lavender furs, a chinchilla bolero, Russian lynx, a navy lynx jacket, a dolman-sleeved Russian sable coat, and a white mink bolero. In fact, the fur list goes on and on. And with Basso, that is the only way to do it!!

Standout looks in the collection, include, but is not limited to, the brand’s sequined tweed pantsuit with fox shawl, curly lamb silver laminate tweed coat, gold duchess satin strapless gown with hand-embroidered neckline, gold tweed pant suit with curly lamb sleeves, and cream mink cape fringe with silk chiffon blouse and wide-legged jacquard pant.

Images courtesy of Purple PR

Add supermodel Beverly Johnson to the closing look of the collection, and Basso proves that his 40th anniversary collection is a triumph. Bravo Basso!!

—William S. Gooch

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