KOLTSON Fall 2023

In case you haven’t noticed, we are about a year out of the COVID-19 pandemic. And like many industries, the fashion industry is experiencing a resurgence. The fall 2023 season, in particular, is witnessing an injection of innovation and creative verve missing from fashion weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic and before that.

KOLTSON is one such brand that is pushing that proverbial fashion envelope toward more fashion-forward innovation and creativity. And their fall 2023 collection is a prime example of just that.

Robert Rodriguez, creative director of KOLTSON, has been a recognized name in the fashion industry for over two decades. Rodriguez launched his eponymous line in 2003. And that namesake line was known for garments that spoke to women of all ages with elegance, sexy fare that incorporated elements of haute couture.

This time around, Robert Rodriguez brings a similar design aesthetic to KOLTSON. KOLTSON, established in 2023 by Robert Rodriguez, is a luxury eveningwear collection focusing on exceptional sustainable fabrics, beautifully handcrafted details, and uncompromising quality. The marriage of high fashion and art has fascinated for decades and continues to impact cultures around the world. Through collaborations with artists and artisans, KOLTSON brings a common thread between masters of their crafts. By engaging in exhibitions and editorial publications, we are supporting art communities while strengthening cultural awareness and vitality to our sole purpose.

For this fashion outing Rodriguez collaborated with Vicky Barranguet. At the presentation for the fall 2023 collection, Barranguet’s artwork lined the walls of the presentation venue. Barranguet drew inspiration from Rodriguez’s mood boards and overall vision for the series of seven paintings titled “Threads,” while Rodriguez reinterpreted her artwork in the forms of prints, foiling, silhouettes, and embroideries throughout the collection. 

“What I wanted to do was collaborate with different artists and bring art and fashion together in a unique way. Through collaborations my vision comes to life,” explained Rodriguez. And the artwork and fashion aptly mirror each other, proving that both mediums are compatible bedfellows.

What stands out most about this fall 2023 collection is that the silhouettes and design aesthetic will appeal to female consumers from almost every possible demographic regardless of size or age. Whether the consumer desires form-fitting garments or ease-of-movement fare, Rodriguez has included something that will fit the design palette of many.

Images courtesy of KOLTSON/Raul Tovar

Having once designed for the House of Dior, this collection expertly includes design elements that lend itself to haute couture. Still, the couture elements in this collection will not distance the average consumer from these garments, only pique their interest and fascination.

It is good to have Robert Rodriguez back. The American fashion market is so grateful!!

—William S. Gooch


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