Marissa Wilson Fall 2023

Fashion should be fun. And for her fall 2023 collection, Marissa Wilson brought a tropical party!!

In case you are not familiar with Marissa Wilson, Wilson is a Guyanese American designer that draws inspiration from dance and the tropical locales of her heritage. For this fall 2023 collection, entitled “Rhythmic,” Wilson, who was once a competitive dancer, drew inspiration from the iconic African American modern dance pioneer and legend Katherine Dunham.

Once called the “Queen of the snaky hips,” by modern dance legend Martha Graham, Katherine Dunham infused her choreography with cultural and sensual movements that were endemic to Caribbean cultures influenced by the spirituality and religions of the African chattel slaves.

The Dunham technique centered around the freedom and isolation of individual body parts, something now witnessed in hip-hop dance. So, it is only fitting that Wilson would be inspired by Katherine Dunham, drawing upon Dunham’s freedom of movement which is so aptly evidenced in Wilson’s form-fitting garments.

Hand-painted prints are a key element of Wilson’s design aesthetic, and this fall 2023 collection expertly employs this element. Though the hand-painted garments conjure up images of sunny tropical days and nights, Wilson does incorporate some light knits, light tweeds, and sweaters into this collection. And Wilson ingeniously injected the current ruffles trend by embellishing some garments with ruffled rosettes.

Models aptly sauntered, danced, and shimmied down the runway in a collection that was designed to put some sass and adventure back into wardrobes. All this gyrating and undulating was capped off by fashion diva extraordinaire Pat Cleveland twirling and swirling down the runway like a fashion dervish with a caged bird of paradise on her head in a way that no can duplicate. Standout looks in this collection include, but are not limited to, the brand’s pastel plaid hand-beaded gown, black knit mini dress with pastel geo ruffled flowers, and yellow tiered skirt and ruffle flower top.

Images courtesy of Beverly Bonds PR

With this collection, Wilson proves that fashion can be fun and adventurous while still appealing to a wide demographic. Bring the fun and frivolity and let the sunshine in!!

—William S. Gooch


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