APOTTS Fall 2023

New York Men’s Day (NYMD) is the perfect place for APOTTS creative director Aaron Potts to showcase his men’s collection, even though Potts always includes several women’s looks in his collection. However, Potts collections are not gender specific, so having garments that work well on women fits perfectly into the brand’s DNA.

Perhaps, APOTTS is a glimpse into where fashion should be heading. A reflection of a world where the design aesthetic and the now and next of the collection stands out above gender specificity. That said, Aaron Potts has made this non-binary specificity one of the main points of view of his collections. And he performs that perspective beautifully.

The inspiration of this collection was Potts’ reflection of the fashion statement that most New Yorkers were making when he moved back to New York City from Paris in the mid-1990s. The daily uniform of New Yorkers during this time period was warrior black and grey. This fighting-the-elements and in-your-face emotions black and grey was worn with only a fierceness that New Yorkers can muster.

That said, with Potts’ fall 2023 collection, some of the fierceness and bravado has been replaced with hints of humor and wink-wink, as well as a bit fashion elegance. Though his collection was a serious fashion compendium of the merits of neutral tones, Potts did highlight his neutral tones with an injection of red.

Unlike previous collections, this collection contained more garments that were obviously designed specifically for women, Aaron Potts did not abandon his penchant for non-binary clothing. And as with other previous collections, Aaron uses his adeptness with volume to maximum effect.

Just because this collection continues to explore Potts’ penchant for volume, don’t expect Potts to bypass glamor and sexiness. Not at all. Potts has ingeniously found a way to find a way inject such the right amount of glamor and sexiness without centering sensuality in either the male or feminine camp.

What also stands out in this 2023 outing is Potts’ ability to combine ease of movement with a fashion-forward sensibility. With Potts ease of movement does not have to mean staid and commonplace. Potts proves that ease of movement and fashion sensibility can be compatible bedfellows.

Images courtesy of APOTTS

Standout looks in this fall 2023 collection include, but are not limited to, the brand’s black and white stripped wrap around top with asymmetrical skirt, black cargo skirt with hoodie midriff top, black leather and knit turtleneck with peplum skirt and extended crouch pants, and black leather men’s jumpsuit with cargo pockets.

—William S. Gooch


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