Men’s Editors’ Pick: SHALAJ’s Wearable Art Streetwear

In case you haven’t noticed luxury streetwear is everywhere. Remember, streetwear as movement started with American urban youth in the late 1970, evolving to a billion-dollar segment of the fashion industry that now includes fashion staples like hoodies, joggers, sneakers, and other accessories.

What was once isolated to low-income urban youth has now exploded to global audience that speaks to a lifestyle, not just an expression of urban culture.  Add to that explosion a huge shift of luxury brands embracing a more youth-oriented audience and you have a fashion movement that is unstoppable.

Still, with luxury fashion houses embracing streetwear or street culture on a wide scale many fashion insiders feel that this embrace is not a nominal nod and not a full embrace. Most luxury houses will emblazon their brand logos on hoodies, joggers, and accessories without injecting real design into their streetwear.

It should also be mentioned that luxury streetwear is not inexpensive with hoodies costing up to over $1500 or more. Hmm, pricey hoodies with logos but no substantive design elements. Is that a rip off?

What is not a fashion rip off is what the Korean streetwear brand, SHALAJ is producing. The luxury streetwear brand launched in 2019 creating wearable art pieces with the vision of creative director, Shalaj Poonyarit. Poonyarit created the brand as a way for his artwork to be experienced through different mediums. His collections are inspired by his experiences in life around him to create pieces that express his perception and emotion.

The brand utilizes premium materials to create clothing that is more than your average piece including details such as twist hardware. And there are more than hoodies, joggers, and caps in this collection. There are great coats, moto jackets, bubble coats, and cardigans, as well.

Images courtesy of Michele Marie PR

Why don streetwear that says nothing, takes you nowhere special and looks exactly other streetwear with no distinction. If you are looking for wearable art that will make you stand out in the crowd and can carry over from season to season, then SHALAJ is for you!!

 Prices range from $200 to $5700. The brand is available to shop at shipping worldwide and in-store at in Los Angeles.

William S. Gooch


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