Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo Fall 2023

Manolo Blahnik, Charlotte Olympia, and Jimmy Choo, all major luxury footwear brands that female consumers want in their wardrobe. But what you may not know is that Jimmy Choo is more than a footwear brand. Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo is the brand’s couture bridal collection.

For fall 2023 Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo was inspired by Dante’s the “Divine Comedy.”  The Bridal by The Atelier’s new collection [Paradise] is surrounded in the light of the Divine Comedy, Dante once said, “express the love and affection to your dearly beloved.”

Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo constructed and spliced each fantasy image with different textured fabrics and created the beautiful creation of The Divine Comedy on each design with metal threads in different shades of colors. The celestial astrological patterns are also added with a strong art deco style which creates a mysterious, noble, sensual, and ethereal aura to the collection.

Like Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” this fall 2023 collection divides the couture pieces between light, dark, whimsical fantasy, and heavenly beauty. That said, this collection is not for the wallflower bride. This fall 2023 collection is designed for the bride that wants to make a statement on her very special day. Any gown in this collection will make the wearer the center of attention, not to be upstaged by anyone.

Additionally, if you are looking for a bridal gown to go with your ultimate fantasy wedding, a wedding that will be talked about for days, weeks, months, and years to come, this collection has that bridal gown. You can be the celebrity at your wedding!!

There are so many great looks in this outing that it is hard to make selections. Still, as we always do, Fashion Reverie selected a few standout gowns.

For those brides looking for non-traditional gowns, two gowns from this fall 2023 collection were standouts. The pale blue gown with embellished winter blue branches with high slit and Elizabethan sleeves is the ideal non-traditional winter wedding. Add to this gown the brand’s black diaphanous gown with detachable skirt.

Images courtesy of Coded Agency

And for that bride that wants a fantasy gown, the princess gown with Elizabeth high collar and floral embellishment is the gown that meets the fantasy criteria. And though the gown is heavily embellished, it is surprisingly lightweight. Fashion Reverie knows because we attended the brand’s presentation!!

With Fashion Reverie, you can always count on our choices to be accurate. Like the Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo, we always deliver!!

William S. Gooch

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