Inbar Freiman Bridal Fall 2023

When it comes to destination weddings, no bridal brand fulfills that kind of bridal gown better than Inbar Freiman. Founded in 2015, Inbar Freiman is a luxury bridal brand based in Kfar Rut, Israel. Inbar’s designs are an extension of her elegantly feminine aesthetic and reflect both simplicity and sophistication. Inspired by modern architecture and organic design, her gowns are made for the bride who values detail, quiet elegance, timeless silhouettes, and uncompromising quality, both in material and craft.

The fall 2023 collection reflects the soft and graceful qualities of the sea. The collection’s natural silk and chiffon fabrics are inspired by the ease of the ocean waves. As waves calmly crash upon the shore, the gowns drape seamlessly along the bride’s silhouette.

“The power of the current, the beauty of the unknown, and the movement of the soft breeze on the coastal shoreline harmonize together to create the Ivory Mist collection. Intricate details and neutral tones found upon seashells reflect the gentle subtleties handcrafted into the gowns. The elegant layers and unique lines that shape each shell are carefully cultivated in the sophistication of each gown’s design,” declares Inbar Frieman.

Standouts in this collection include, but are not limited to, the brand’s Annabelle, a bikini strapped crop top with long silk skirt with deep slit, Eve, silk gown with deep decolletage with high slit, and Mika, lace gown with halter top and see-though lace embellished midriff. Like many brands last season and continuing this season, there were several looks with high slits. The high slits allow the brides to show off their embellished footwear.

Images courtesy of ODA PR

What is most obvious about the bridal gowns in this outing is the injection more sensuality and a modern sensibility into the collection which now sets Inbar Freiman’s bridal collection in a class unto itself about other destination bridal gowns. Bravo Inbar!!

William S. Gooch 


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