Madeline Bridal Fall 2023

If you are familiar with bridal designer Madeline Gardner, you are probably familiar with her bridal collection, Morilee by Madeline Gardner. With her well-known bridal collection, Morilee by Madeline Gardner, Gardner has forged a rich path of exquisite bridal collections that center around bridal gowns for that female consumer that wants elegance, sophistication, and glamour. With her new bridal line, Madeline, Gardner has gone a step further, well, maybe a few steps further.

Moving from the price points of ready-to-wear bridal collections to couture bridal collections—which is what Gardner’s new bridal line Madeline contains, is a risky venture. Sometimes, the price points double and your tried-and-true audience may not be ready for this new bridal adventure.

Whatever the costs, Madeline Gardner is up for the challenge. And here new bridal venture, Madeline, proves just that.

“The collection is inspired by beauty from within and the concept of being beautiful from both the inside and out. I design the [bridal] gowns not just to be stunning on the outside, but a tremendous amount of detail goes into the interior construction of each gown. I’ve curated the most exquisite fabrics that speak to the collection’s level of luxury and rich details.  My wish is always just to make the most beautiful gown,” explained Gardner.

Like many bridal brands that are looking to expand their markets, Gardner’s couture bridal collections contain a range of good looks including looks beyond the traditional white or different shades of white. There was an injection of pale blue into this couture bridal collection as well as a black bridal gown with detachable black lace skirt.

And though there were some traditional looks in this collection, what stood out most were the looks that had a significant injection of modern sensibilities. As in last season, there were several bridal gowns with high slits, which would appeal to those brides who want to show off their embellished bridal footwear.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Standout looks in this collection include, but is not limited to, the fit to flare lace gown with bell sleeves, strapless pale blue floral ball gown with floral embellished bodice, and black lace gown with statement sleeves and detachable silk skirt.

—William S. Gooch


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