Ines di Santo Bridal Fall 2023

You can also expect an incredible bridal collection from Ines di Santo, she never disappoints. Season after season, Ines di Santo brings to the bridal industry superb bridal collections that expertly marry fashion-forward sensibility with traditional silhouettes seen through the lens of what modern brides want. With Ines di Santo, there is always now and next bridal fashion.

While some bridal brands are still playing safe even though we are no longer living in a COVID-19 world of constriction and lockdown, Ines di Santo is giving her consumer an expanded view of bridal creations. And that expanded view is evident in her fall 2023 collection.

Inspired by a child’s whimsical sense of wonder, Ines di Santo set her fall bridal 2023 collection in a garden with a magical gazebo as a focal point of that floral garden. Additionally, Murano Chandeliers are the center piece of Ines’s inspiration this season as she’s long admired their unparalleled craftsmanship, sophisticated yet whimsical use of color, and ability to spark imagination. “All worlds are within reach with an open heart and a vivid imagination,” declared di Santo.

Every design choice in this collection is meticulously calculated and executed. A showcase of the most extravagant hand embellished details, subtle playful color choices, and unexpected textures and finishes all the while following Ines’s signature fashion, offering a study of proportion and a celebration of the feminine hourglass shape. While they combine to create a shimmering dimensional tableau, you’ll find that each gown can live as a standalone piece capable of illuminating any venue, no matter the scale, just as the chandelier that it was inspired by.

This season Ines di Santo dressed her customer at every jointure of her bridal celebration. There were looks for the rehearsal dinner, the reception, and of course the actual bridal ceremony. All done with whimsy, frothy reverie, and luxurious beauty.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Only Ines di Santo can pull of the difficult task of bringing frothy fantasy to her bridal customer without looking like she’s trying to hard or the gowns resembling costumes. That takes skill, craft, and experience. And Ines di Santo has it all!

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