LaQuan Smith Spring 2023

As many fashion designers are attempting to bring sexy and glamour back in this post-COVID-19 season, LaQuan Smith is looking in a different direction. In fact, sexy never left Smith’s fashion collection, sensuality and sexiness has always been a focal point of the collection.

For his spring 2023 collection, LaQuan Smith looked to bring more movement and pliability to his always sexy point of view. In previous outings, Smith wrapped his woman in his in-your-face sensual projections. And as sexy as his collections were, Smith’s woman had to be very fit and fine without having a lot of comfort when donning Smith’s creation. Well, all that is thrown to the winds in Smith’s spring 2023 outing.

“My woman is in a space where she needs air right now, it’s all about movement and fluidity,” Smith explained in a article. “It’s about the female form, about sensuality and femininity, that is what we’re here to celebrate today,” Smith continued.

While there are many looks in this collection that demand a very svelte frame, there were several looks in the collection that would appeal to curvy or larger women. Still, if you want your sexy back or you are looking to continue your ride on the va va voom train, this collection will satisfy every need to show off your femininity and outer vixen.

What also worked in this collection was Smith’s projection to the future as evidenced in garments that scream next, next, next, with just a sliver of now. Daring, out of this world and a smidge of “oh no, you didn’t,” but Smith did, and his diehard consumer is ready and ready for this collection.

Though this collection was about as far as a designer can get away with when it comes to provocatively baring the female body, it was not garish and low brow.  And the titillation value was not diminished by Smith’s infusion of comfort ease.

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There was also a sophisticated element to this collection that sometimes lacking in previous outings. This collection proves that LaQuan Smith is one of the standout designers of his generation and that he has grabbed the brass ring and knows what to do with it!!

—William S. Gooch

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