Cynthia Rowley Spring 2023

When one thinks of a New York City-based fashion designer whose collections reflect that you New York City woman who is looking for style, elegance and comfort Cynthia Rowley immediately comes to mind. As a designer who has presenting at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) for a few decades, Rowley knows her consumer very well and understands how to keep her happy and well dressed.

Using New York City’s Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty has a backdrop, Rowley presented the color that was infused with lots of bold color, texture, metallics and silhouettes from the 1990s. “I think the things that are consistent with us is the pretty-meets-sporty and how these two really disparate ideas coexist, and everything that happens in between is really what I think makes us who we are as a brand,” explained Rowley.

“Color is really important to me and the joy that color can bring, so I like experimenting with that [too],” continued Rowley. “I feel like first coming out of the pandemic, color was really important. And then the next evolution of that is all that color, and then in metallic too.”

Many of the looks in this spring 2023 collection are slight carryovers from Rowley’s fall 2022 collection. This inclusion was must evident in the carryover of Rowley’s use of bodysuits and very sheer, diaphanous elements.

Like many designers this season Rowley looked back to the 1990s for inspiration. Rowley brought back the cargo pant aesthetic in this collection, but in true Rowley done in a style that fits her brand DNA and that make her customer very happy. We are talking cargo pant pockets on maxi canvas skirts and pants.

Rowley also brought back the silver metallic trend; however, in this outing it metallics that a woman can wear at every jointure of her day, and not just for eveningwear or nighttime ventures. And for those Rowley devotees there is lots of bold color to go around, as well as sexy garments for those daring enough to show off that va va voom.

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As we continue to move out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cynthia Rowley is poised and primed to keep her consumer ready for this new adventure into style and elegance. And this spring 2023 collections screams loudly that we are back!!

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