Editors’ Pick: Let Judy Garland Be Your Fragrance Guide in This Summer of Love

In this summer of love, it is a well-known fact that having that summer romance has so much to do with attracting the special someone, even if that attraction only last during the fleeting summer months. And to attract that heady summer love, it is essential to smell good.

And if you want to with a classic vintage fragrance that now has a modern twist, nothing fits the bill better than the new fragrance—JUDY, a Garland Fragrance—from Cosmetic Chemist Vincenzo Spinnato, President/CEO of TurnKey Beauty Inc and Judy Garland’s scions Lorna Luft, Joey Luft, and Liza Minnelli. And this limited-edition, 100 birthday commemorative unisex fragrance is currently available.

Old Hollywood nostalgia comes alive in this sophisticated, modernized fragrance inspired by what Judy Garland herself wore. This unisex fine fragrance showcases a hint of the official Judy Garland Rose with the addition of Dark Orchid, Coriander, and a medley of sultry Gourmand and spice notes, newly creating an all-inclusive and gender-neutral fine fragrance.

Coriander, Elemi and Californian Grapefruit shimmer over a heart of Honeyed Rose deepening to notes of Dark Orchid and Pink Pepper, evoking the emotion of Ms. Garland’s music and classic Hollywood films. Luring and captivating, the lingering sweetness of Tonka Bean, Bourbon Vanilla, and Caramel balance against notes of Velvety Musk and Patchouli Woods.

Liza Minnelli proclaims that this new fragrance, “smells just like mama.” And anybody who is aware of Judy Garland knows that she was in love with love. Remember her showstopping number “The Man Who Got Away” from “A Star Is Born.”

Images courtesy of She Grown PR

You will not go ‘over the rainbow’ with this fragrance, but JUDY, a Garland Fragrance, is the perfect fragrance for a 2022 summer of love. You will smell purty!!



  1. Bobby Bennett says

    JUDY, a Garland fragrance is absolutely sublime! A 10 out of 10.

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