Fashion Reverie’s Unique 2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Many fashion brands have upped the ante when it comes to convincing shoppers to purchase gifts for their loved ones for Father’s Day. Everything is being hawked from electronics to clothing—you know ties, socks, spring jackets—as well as watches, fragrances, and computers. You know, mostly easy traditional gifts.

All this marketing is good; however, we are living in some very peculiar and interesting times. We are still plagued by a continuing health pandemic. We are battling raging inflation—have you been to the grocery store lately? And a recession is looming.

This may not be the time to empty your pockets for a Father’s Day gift. Still, you only live once, so let your passion be your guide!!

Fashion Reverie has come up with some unique Father’s Day gift that are sure to make your loved ones happy.

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Help Dad with his grooming routine and give him products from NTRLBySabs and Design Essentials. These products and gift sets are perfect for the guy who loves to put a little extra care into his routine. Prices range $11 to $125.

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Just in time for Father’s Day the “Compass” a watch and travel accessory collaboration between George Esquivel and Tutima, the renown Glashütte watch brand will be available at Esquivel House, 

The collection combines Tutima’s mechanical marvel with Esquivel’s art of handcrafting. It includes a limited-edition Tutima Patria Dual Time watch accessorized with two NATO straps and accompanying watch holder designed by Esquivel, a pair of Esquivel’s famed Chelsea boots, and an overnight leather duffle. The straps, Chelsea boots and leather duffle were all produced at Esquivel House in Downtown LA.

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Members Only is now a cultural icon with a steady and growing following thanks to you—our loyal fans. Whether you knew us from the ’80s and love us now for our slimmer modern look with all the signature details or are rocking our jackets because it’s just simply … cool, our loyalty lies with you. We see race, creed, and taste not as separation but as inspiration. Dear upright citizen of the world, thank you for including us in your world. We are proud to have you as a member. Prices range from $98 to $108.

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If you are in the market for a fragrance or a set of fragrances for that special man, Amouage to the rescue. An elegant presentation box containing six 2ml spray samples of current Amouage fragrances. A curated selection of the most iconic scent creations from Oman, featuring Gold Man, Epic ManReflection ManInterlude ManHonour Man, and Portrayal Man. Price points is $80.

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Fathers deserve the best on their day, so why not give them a gift that will show them how much we care about them? Withings ScanWatch Horizon is the latest luxury addition to the Withings ScanWatch range—it gives dapper dads a stylish touch to their daily outfit all while helping them monitor their health. With its stunning diver style form factor and state-of-the-art medical-grade technology, this is a hybrid smartwatch that delivers health and wellness features in an amazing stylish design.

Boasting a stainless-steel rotating bezel with laser engraved markings that incorporate the standard codes of diving practice alongside Luminova hollow watch hands, indicators, and thick indices that allow it to be used in low light, it’s a high end design that packs a whole range of health and wellness features including heart rate monitoring, ECG, breathing disturbances, blood oxygen levels, sleep, and physical activity to a fully functional underwater watch that wouldn’t look out place next to the ROLEX, Submariner or OMEGA, Seamaster.

The ScanWatch Horizon finally hits stores in the US, in Best Buy Stores,, and price of $499.95 from May 17.

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Help fathers track all their beloved possessions no matter if it’s a bike, boat or even backpacks. This pocket-size cellular GPS tracker enables users to track all valuable possessions when they’re on the move. One can tuck it inside moving boxes and suitcases while traveling or leave it attached to a piece of valuable item at home. When it starts to move, you’ll be alerted via the Invoxia app with regular alerts, meaning you can locate and ultimately retrieve it in a timely manner. The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker uses cellular network, rather than bluetooth, and updates constantly (as frequent as every 30 seconds).

For just $129, the Invoxia tracker acts as an excellent insurance plan for anything you’d like to keep safe. It can be purchased on the official website or on Amazon. You can find more info and pictures in the press kit here.

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For busy fathers who want to ensure a good night of sleep and stay focused during the day, Morphee is a stunningly designed, un-connected sleep aid that will help them rewind and relax in the evening before going to bed. Via its three keys, Morphee offers Dad’s more than 200 audio sessions to choose from to either engage in guided meditations or tune in for soothing music/nature sounds. With its long battery life and ultra-portable design, Morphee is also easy to be kept in a suitcase and taken everywhere they go, perfect for Dads who are always on the road.

Morphee is priced at $99.99 and is available either on its official website or on

Baby, it is warm outside. And we all know what warm weather represents. Beach time!!

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If you are in the market for some great men’s swimwear for that special guy in your life, look no further than Blu swimwear.  Blu swimsuits are meant to capture the nostalgic summers of your childhood and combine them with modern and adaptable designs to support you in and out of the water. Blu swimwear aim to protect our open waters in comfortable, innovative and versatile swimwear that fits like second skin, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Blu suits were made for you.

—William S. Gooch

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