Editors’ Picks: 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a time to thank the remarkable women in your life for everything they’ve done for you. This year show how much you love her by ditching the traditional bouquet or scented candles and get that special woman in your life a gift she’d really appreciate.

Fashion Reverie has rounded up the best gifts to thank the mom in your life for kissing your boo-boos and raising you into the person you are today. The best part? All are mom-approved!

For the Beauty Queens

Image courtesy of CHI

CHI Air Setter 2-In-1 Flat Iron & Curler

For moms looking to get professional styling at home, CHI’s Air Setter 2-in-1 Flat Iron & Curler allows her to straighten and curl her locks with one easy-to-use tool. The most impressive feature is the Cool Air Technology which sets styles and keeps curls bouncy for longer. As with all of CHI’s hair tools, it’s fused with Ceramic and Ionic Technology which emits negative ions to reduce frizz and increase shine. Overall, our moms loved how quickly even the thickest hair was styled. (Less heat on your hair means less time for heat damage!) Plus, thanks to the cool air blowing through the Air Setter, curls stayed longer without any additional spray or product. Available at Target.com, $99.99

Image courtesy of Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil Body Souffle & Body Butter

A pampering experience, Moroccanoil’s line of ultra-nourishing moisturizers is a little bit of luxury in a jar. Both products feature Moroccanoil’s signature scent, a delicate blend of spicy amber and sweet floral notes that linger long after applying and are packaged in a recyclable jar. 

Body Soufflé is a lightweight whipped moisturizer featuring avocado oil, macadamia seed oil, squalene, and argan oil to enhance skin’s texture and tone by improving the skin’s natural barrier. It goes on light and creamy and dries to a powder finish.

Body Butter is a thicker, concentrated moisturizer derived from shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil to soften dry skin, lock in moisture and strengthen the skin barrier.

Together they make an excellent gift for any mama. Available at Moroccanoil.com, $38 each

Image courtesy of Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil Smooth Style Ceramic Heated Brush

If you combined the ease of a paddle brush and the proficiency of a flat iron, you’d get Moroccanoil’s Smooth Style Ceramic Heated Brush. Easy to use, all you do is plug it in, give it a moment to heat up, and brush through. Our moms loved that this could be used with one hand and the gorgeous shine it provided. As a bonus, it shuts off on its own after an hour, so there’s no need to worry and play the “Did I leave my styling tool on?” scenario every time you leave the house. Available at Moroccanoil.com, $140

For the Fashionista Mamas

Images courtesy of Bagnet


Purses can be costly, but no matter if your mom is spending $30 or $3,000 on a designer bag, one thing is for sure is that she’s probably sick of leaving it on the dirty floor.

Going out always forces any handbag lover into a dilemma, should you leave it on the back of a chair where it’s easier to steal, keep it in your lap for the duration of your meal, or place it on the floor. (And don’t get us started on the complications bathroom stalls without hooks on the door bring!) Enter Bagnet, a small bag charm that adds extra pizzazz to any purse and, thanks to its strong magnet, makes leaving bags at your feet a thing of the past. Bagnet claims their magnets will hold up to 8lbs, and we’re happy to report that even a rather heavy bag passes the test. In fact, the magnet is strong enough that we recommend being careful when walking too close to metal objects like poles or railings. Occasionally our bags were drawn to them as well!

Now, what if the table isn’t metal? Bagnet created a special ring (called a Perch) that opens and creates a hook to hang your bag on. The only downside is it can sometimes be a little temperamental and tough to open, but just like the magnet, it does work for even heavy bags, so mom is covered. Available at bagnetcompany.com, $24.99 – $26.99

For the Jet Setting Mama

Image courtesy of Kizik


Thanks to the built-in spring-back heel technology, these shoes can slide on and off easily. They’re completely hands-free! The heel compresses after you slip your toes into the shoe with their patented design, allowing the wearer to slip their whole foot in before springing back into place. Kizik’s are great shoes for traveling through busy airports, as they slide on and off easily through security gates. They are also amazing for running errands when your hands are full. They’re also helpful for anyone with mobility or balance issues who finds it difficult to put on a shoe like a sneaker. A big hit with our moms is how comfortable they are to walk in and how easy they are to get on and off—no need to sit down or tie anything! Available at Kizik.com, $99- $129

Image courtesy of Clutch


In today’s world, it’s essential always to be connected, which means we’re constantly using our phones to talk to friends, take photos, watch movies and share our lives on social media. Enter Clutch, a lightweight, super tiny charger with an attached cable to charge your device. This sleek, credit-sized card power bank won’t give you as many charges as some of its larger counterparts, but it’s the perfect companion if you need a little extra juice. It fits in evening bags, pockets, wallets, and some phone wallet cases. If your mom loves to chat or share pictures of her travels, this is one gift she’ll be happy to keep on her constantly. Available at clutchcharger.com, $49

Image courtesy of Reflex

90 Degree by Reflex Fleece Open Hooded Cardigan

Stay super cozy on cold flights and drafty hotel rooms draped in 90 Degree by Reflex’s Fleece Open Hooded Cardigan. The long length is flattering on almost all body types, and everyone loves the hood and pockets. Your mother can wrap it around herself while enjoying a crisp evening fire or over workout clothes to the hotel gym. The soft fleece is warm and inviting, making it a great gift for moms who like to stay warm and comfy. Available on Amazon, $29.99

Image courtesy of Reef

Reef Water Vista

Hello, vacation! For the mom, you can’t take away from the ocean. Reef’s Water Vista Sandals are perfect! With an espadrille inspired texture that is completely water friendly, these sandals won’t get ruined if you take them from a walk on the beach straight to lunch. The shoe features a bouncy top soul for comfort when walking and an adjustable Velcro back strap for a snug fit. Our moms love how stylish they are for water shoes. These shoes are a significant upgrade from flip-flops! Available at Reef.com, $50

For the Sports Mom & Nature Lovers

Image courtesy of Reflex

Apricoat Adventure 2.0

Made from 300 recycled plastic bottles, Apricoat’s Adventure 2.0 jacket is designed for rain, wind, and snow. The jacket is lightweight and breathes, but still keeps you warm and is ideal for a hike or a trip! It also has a removable hood and wrist gaiters with thumbholes, but what makes it stand out are the 16 pockets! These pockets are made to fit your electronics, gear, and sunglasses, and there’s even one to help keep you hydrated. We loved the small zippered pockets on the sleeves and chest for storing Chapstick, train tickets, money, and credit cards. There’s also an array of pockets inside with zippers for security and Velcro to access the items inside easily. We don’t suggest filling them all up at once as it feels a bit stuffed (especially if you don’t order a larger size as most reviewers recommend), but for the mom who wants to hike a mountain or even walk the dog hands-free, this coat is perfect. Available at Apricoat.com, $179.00

Image courtesy of Reflex

90 Degree by Reflex Leggings

While there is certainly no shortage of companies selling leggings, finding a good pair can be challenging. A good pair needs to be strong yet flexible and must pass the bend-over test. For anyone not familiar with this term, it means checking to ensure the fabric covering your bum does not appear see-through when bending over. Not only does 90 Degree by Reflex’s leggings check all the boxes, but we love the side pocket to keep your phone handy. Available at 90degreebyreflex.com, $44.99

For the Mother Who Loves to Entertain

Image courtesy of Spongellé

Spongellé Private Reserve Diffuser

This diffuser will ensure mom’s home always smells fantastic with a custom hand-blown glass vase containing 8oz of Spongellé’s scented oil. Unlike most diffusers that only smell good, these are equipped with a beautiful handsewn floret with a cotton wick, adding something extra to any room’s décor. The white flower turns colors based on the scent you choose.

These sets come in four different scents: Peony Flower, Morning Bloom, Black Orchid, and Blackberry to suit any taste. Perfect if your mother is a regular Martha Stewart and is always entertaining. The time-released fragrance will linger for up to 8 weeks so that she can enjoy the scent long after all her guests have gone home. Available at Spongelle.com, $58

—Janine Silver

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