Ines di Santo Bridal Spring 2023

If you have ever been to an Ines di Santo bridal show, you know that she never does anything small. From having her bridal show at Jazz at Lincoln Center with a full orchestra to producing a bridal show with set of real trees and foliage for the models to saunter around, di Santo really knows how to enchant and entice bridal industry professionals and consumers.

A bridal extravaganza was not on the menu for di Santo’s spring 2023 bridal collection. This presentation was about re-establishing di Santo in the New York bridal market and demonstrating that di Santo has not lost any of her shine and sparkle.

“Last season I shared my love of family and our Italian roots. In this new season, I drew inspiration from my formative years and the integral cities from around the world that have nurtured my growth as a designer. Join me as I look to my childhood in Buenos Aires, reflect on my time studying couture in Paris, and see how I discovered opulence in Dubai. This season’s collections are a glimpse into my fantasy world from my explorative years and discover how my travels led me to collect the skills I have spent my career trying to perfect,” detailed Ines di Santo.

This spring 2023 bridal collection was a reflection on what di Santo does best, create bridal gowns that combine elements of couture with a modern sensibility. And that modern sensibility includes bridal silhouettes for what many modern consumers are in the market for.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

True to form there were many traditional bridal silhouettes in this spring 2023 collections. There was an array of trumpet gowns, fit-to-flare gowns, princess gowns and mermaid gowns. Still, there were a good amount of cocktail dresses and column gowns with interesting embellishments—feathers, bangle beads, floral cutouts, and fringe. And realizing that the modern bride is interesting is something other than a white gown, Ines di Santo injects lots of pastel colors into this spring 2023 collection.

From high-low gowns to cocktail dresses to princess gowns there is something in this collection for almost every bride. And Ines di Santo has all the goods!!

—William S. Gooch

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