Sophie et Voila Bridal Spring 2023

Many words and feelings rush to mind when thinking of Sophie et Voila’s spring 2023 collection. Of those many descriptive thoughts and ideas, the collection embodies a sense of modern refinement understated without complicated adornments. The collection, entitled Cristóbal, an ode to Spanish designer and couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga focuses on simple, sleek lines that conform elegantly to the shape and curve of a woman’s body.

In many ways, the collection exemplifies the unparalleled mastery commanded by Balenciaga, refining garments to their simplest and purest forms. No small feat for any designer, no matter how talented, but Sofia Arribas masters balancing sophistication with simple silhouettes and uncompromising standards, solidifying the DNA of the Sophie et Voila brand.

Originally an architect (Sofia Arribas) with Philippe Starck, you get a sense of the amount of thought and attention to detail woven into the creation of each dress. For example, the way a puffed organza sleeve is constructed, subtly changing shape at the slightest movement, or how the designer doubles the fabric of each dress so that the second layer serves as a slip, reducing the appearance of lines and creating a more form-fitting garment that moves with the bride.

Images courtesy of ODA PR

Each piece from the collection is a marvel that stands on its own and is a testament to Arribas’ design language that is uniquely her own in a world. As Sophia Arribas explains, “[in a world where being true to oneself is a luxury that very few can afford.”

—Kristopher Johnson-Hoyle

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