THEIA Bridal Spring 2023

There are a few words that could describe THEIA’s spring 2023 bridal collection. However, if one was to choose just two words, those two words would be clean lines. Well, let’s also add classic silhouettes to the vocabulary.

As we are slowly coming out of the COVID-19 health crisis, many brands are not only struggling to gain new customers, keeping tried-and-true customers is also a challenge. To that point bridal brands like ready-to-wear brands are taking a cautious approach in creating their new collections. Where in the past, established bridal brands would take substantial risks, introducing new silhouettes and design aesthetics to consumers, this time around tried-and-true are the bridal catch words.

Although THEIA is following the example of many bridal designers and treading the re-entry waters lightly, that does not mean that the brand’s spring 2023 collection is a cautious exploration of what modern brides are looking for. This collection explores the juxtaposition between the angular and organic elements to create signature looks for today’s modern bride. 

Inspired by the photography of Eva Grall whose work epitomizes texture, value and sensuality, Grall’s photography matches the cores values of THEIA’s design DNA. The simplicity of magnified petals and the soft tactile nature of Grall’s works are evident in the tucks, cowls and folds of our crepe and satin gowns. Easy slip dress silhouettes, plunging V-necks, jubilant floral beading, and cheeky asymmetry can be found within the collection.

Images courtesy of THEIA

Though this bridal collection only contained 15 looks, there were some wonderful standout garments. Standout looks include the wrap around tromp l’oeil cut out stretch crepe gown with long sleeves and parallel buttons at the back, stretch crepe gown with double side slit, peekaboo back and watteau train, and the floral fringe beaded mini slip dress.

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