Mark Ingram Bridal Spring 2023

Inspired by vintage bridal collections, the recent Dior exhibit and HBO’s “Gilded Age,” Mark Ingram infused his collection with a combination of classic silhouettes and modern points of view all seen through the lens of what modern brides want to wear. What stands out most in this bridal collection is Ingram’s attention to detail and his construction stills, which he honed at the iconic fashion houses of Oscar de la Renta and Caroline Herrera.

“My inspiration was the process of couture and going to Dior show at the Brooklyn Museum, in Paris and later in Brooklyn. It was a very personal showing because you get the opportunity to be up close and personal view of the details that Christian Dior used in couture collections.  I hope the couture process came through in what I executed this season,” explains Ingram.

And yes, Mark, the couture process did come through. And true to the art of couture, Mark Ingram paid close attention to the techniques necessary to make couture the focus of this collection.

Though this collection was a fashion compendium on couture techniques and classic silhouettes, Ingram did ingeniously inject some modern elements into this bridal collection. There were several garments that contained detachable trains and bows, and one garment had a skirt that could be transformed from a typical skirt with small train to a high-low tea dress.

There were several bridal gowns that were accompanied by stunning bolero jackets. Ingram wisely included these bolero jackets to accompany gowns that were strapless in case spring weather is on the chilly side. There were also a couple of garments that had deceptively hidden openings where brides can show off their jewel-embellished shoes in Instagram photos.

Images courtesy of Mark Ingram

One of other element that should be mentioned is Ingram using his bridal showroom appointment to educate industry professionals about his choices in fabric, construction, and various couture techniques. This was a very rare treat and harkens back to the golden age of couture when fashion designers interacted in a very personal way with fashion industry professionals. Very smart addition Mark Ingram, keep up the good work!!

William S. Gooch

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