Sachin & Babi Bridal Spring 2023

Despite the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some good things that have come out of this health crisis. The health pandemic has caused many of us to reflect on what is important. And that sense of what matters has taken root in the bridal industry. Pre-COVID-19 pandemic, most brides aspired to have large weddings with all the trapping. That is no longer the case for many brides. In a nutshell, priorities have shifted.

This shift in priorities is most evident in Sachin & Babi’s spring 2023 bridal collection. Their consumer yearns for something simpler, more organic, something that reflects their newfound sense of calm and tranquility.

“Our inspiration for this collection is really our muse, our gal. We looked at today’s modern woman, her sensibilities, her mindset. Our inspiration is never linear because we are inspired by so many things, but the focus of this collection was appealing to our muse, a woman who is enjoying life and has a post-pandemic focus,” explained Babi Ahluwalia.

There is something in this spring 2023 collection for almost every bride, whatever the age, cultural or social demographic. There are no big, puffy ballgowns, but that was never Sachin & Babi’s design aesthetic. What is front and center in this collection, is the husband-and-wife design duo’s attention to detail, minimalist sensibilities and focus on strong, clean lines with just a bit of modern sensuality thrown in for good measure.

This bridal collection also is designed with an understanding that many bridal consumers are choosing to have their weddings outside of a traditional chapel setting. So, whether the bride is getting married in a garden, on the beach, at City Hall or a mountainside, Sachin & Babi have the perfect bridal ensemble for the occasion and the location.

Additionally, Sachin & Babi incorporated something that few bridal collections include, garments for the female members of the wedding party. There were wonderful additions of bridesmaids’ dresses and mother-of-the-bride gowns.

“[These additions] came organically, I promise you, because on social media we would get DMs from mums who wanted something for themselves but were not finding much in the market. So, by putting our ear to the ground, we filled the needs of our consumers. Many of the mothers of the brides are in their early fifties and sixties and they are paying for the wedding. They want to shine, too,” revealed Babi Ahluwalia.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Standout looks in this collection include, but were not limited to, the crepe tee shirt with crystal and pearl torsade crepe wide-legged pants, allover floral embellished lace halter with pearls and wide-legged crepe pant, stretch crepe jumpsuit with crystal embellishment and beaded drop earrings and tailored blazer with oversized bow sash, column dress with crystal embellished bon on attached cape.

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