Lihi Hod Bridal Spring 2023

Lihi Hod founded her eponymous bridal house in 2010 built upon the precious jewels of her education with Shenkar, the leading fashion design school in Israel and her couture work with John Galliano of Dior Paris. Her background is practically written in delicate pearls on each of her bridal pieces as every creation is meticulously detailed and fits like an ivory silk glove. According to Hod, her pieces “combine couture-quality techniques with classic silhouettes and luxurious textures, focusing not only on the bride’s look but also on her comfort, confidence and ease.” This quality of an airy ease blossoms in her latest couture spring 2023 “Mystic Flower” collection inspired by her experience observing garden flowers in bloom.

The collection has an ethereal quality, and invokes a weightless feel, like thin ivory petals floating in the wind’s breath. Like the flowers Hod observed, her brides look naturally graceful, as she says “The gowns are created to enhance the bride with graceful beauty and strength, much like the flower petals as they begin to open to a full bloom. The collection is made of fabrics that were carefully chosen for their natural beauty, combined with meticulous detailing and flawless craftsmanship: silk organza, Mikado and crepe, adorned with hand-embroidery made especially for Lihi Hod.” This sense of effortless natural beauty is enhanced by the collection’s minimal makeup and hair styling. A bride in a swept back ponytail and soft eye makeup rests her silk gown across linen cushions of blue and white floral. To Lihi Hod’s bride, elegance is easy, and her wedding day is where her natural beauty shines.

The varying classic silhouettes in the collection seem to depict the phases of a flower in bloom. Lihi Hod says the collection defines, “a powerful moment that becomes utterly uplifting—the thing that is born, rolling out, taking shape from one organism to a new more beautiful one.” Some gowns are fitted to the body like a flower whose petals have yet to open; Both the “Terra” and “Jasmine” gowns, for example, are draped around the bodice like a flower’s petals tightly held together before bloom. Some gowns, like the “Nadia” and “Lilu,” feature delicately puffed sleeves like the budding top of a rose. In other gowns, like the “Noa,” the silk opens in a full bloom display of beaded floral appliques on a sweetheart neckline and puffed skirt like outstretched petals. 

Images courtesy of Lihi Hod

In bridal fashion, the details are some of the most important elements. Lihi Hod says in the collection there is “the element of surprise as the beauty hidden beneath is slowly revealed.” In a touch of 1920s inspired details, the “Ella” is romantically peppered with feathered floral appliques and the “Terra” sheer panels hold fine pearls. The “Nova” corsetry is beaded in shapes of the leaves on a vine. White rounded buttons grace the spine of the bride in the “Camille” dress while a sheer puff sleeved cape billows softly over the shoulders of the bride in another look. Finally, of course, a bride is not a bride without her diamond ring which holds the silk glove covered ring finger of Lihi Hod’s bride. To view the full collection, visit!

—Tessa Swantek

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