Editors’ Picks: Celebrities Love These 2021 Holiday Gifts

Holidays can be the best time of the year when we spend a lot of time with our loved ones in a festive and cheerful atmosphere. Fashion Reverie especially loves the part when we all receive gifts! That said, celebrities are just like everybody else—except the lifestyle—and Fashion Reverie decided to come up with some great celebrity-inspired gift ideas.  Here are suggestions for gifts for your loved ones and we totally understand if you keep some for yourself. 

Image courtesy of lacoste.com

Lacoste and Novak Djokovic 

Two legendary names come together, and this is a collaboration perfect for any generation since it is comfy and perfect for sporty types or those that like to simply show off their Tournament Collection: Designed for Performance. Lacoste shared on their website that they are proud to walk hand in hand with Novak Djokovic in his tennis matches. The collection is developed by and for the champion. Breathable, ultra-dry, stretch, technical jersey tennis wear enhances all his movements. A wardrobe that combines technicality and elegance.

Image courtesy of Ragdoll PR

The Crème Shop

You must have someone obsessed with K-Pop, Korean beauty products or simply celebrities for. Founded by Korean immigrants Christina and Lawrence Kim, The Crème Shop was created as a means for following the “American Dream,” with the goal of bringing innovative and quality beauty products and traditions of the East to the Western world.

In the 20+ years since its start, The Crème Shop has become a globally loved and recognized beauty and wellness brand. With eclectic and whimsical designs, the products themselves are made with exceptional ingredients curated from all over the world to craft high-quality products at an approachable price point. Ensuring that they do their part in sustainability and clean living, the brand uses environmentally friendly alternatives. Naturally lots of celebrities are big fans of this brand: Iggy Azalea, Ember Johnson, Bretman Rock and many others. Want to have celebrity-like skin, now you know how. 

Image courtesy of Andrew Werner

Fleur’d Pins

Handcrafted in New York City from the finest fabrics to the most luxurious leathers and exotic skins, Fleur’d Pins propels the lineage of the boutonnière into the 21st century. Founded in 2015 by New York City photographer Andrew Werner, Fleur’d Pins are the ultimate lapel flowers on the market.  Our latest favorite is the Champagne Leather Ella Rose and celebrities like Tom Hanks love to leave a stylish impression by wearing a festive red fleur ideal for the holidays! 

Image courtesy of Ragdoll PR

KmXtend Hair 

Now with all the holiday parties and looks you or your friends like to look red-carpet ready. One of the celebrities best kept good hair day secret are hair extensions and long lashes. Fashion Reverie found out that KmXtend Hair has been tried and loved by many celebs including Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens, and Addison Rae. It is a cosmetologist created hair and eyelash extension line. KmXtend’s use of 100 percent human hair, keratin tips, and quality tape alongside their dedication to high caliber workmanship ensures that every piece of hair meets the highest of standards in the hair care industry. It is the company’s goal to empower women to feel confident and beautiful with premium hair pieces while still providing affordable prices to their consumers, so it makes a perfect gift this holiday season. 

Image courtesy of Ragdoll PR


Don’t we all wonder how our favorite celebs look so perfect in their videos or on their photos? Well, it is all about the lighting.  LITTIL is a product line of luxury, influencer and celebrity-approved LED lights, ranging from a mini clip for your phone to a full standing ring light for your office.

With high powered lights and different settings to control the brightness level, LITTIL’s range of lighting is perfect to brighten up your selfie, video, zoom or group shot! Founded by Maricia Magana, a social media influencer with a background in celebrity social media, LITTIL is a company that produces amazing products that are small, simple to use and help make every aspect of your life better. Some fans of the brand are Jessica Alba, Kyle Richards, Teresa Guidice, Dorinda Medley, Lauryn Bosstick, Ali Webb, and many more.

Image courtesy of etsy.com

Initial Necklaces

Lots of our readers are fans of “Sex and the City,” and now “And Just Like That.” Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw inspired styles of many and one of the items that is making a comeback, name necklace. Fashion Reverie thought getting one as a customized gift for your loved ones is a perfect idea.  Go to Etsy and look for great options by Initial Necklaces. 

Image courtesy of PDA Spirits

Giuliana Prosecco

Giuliana Rancic whom we know as a TV host has always enjoyed a glass of Prosecco, so she was inspired to partner with some of the top winemakers in the industry to create Giuliana Prosecco. A bottle is always a welcome gift in most families especially if from a red-carpet style expert of Italian descent. 

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Doan’s Bakery Coconut Bundt Cake 

It is a holiday season so Fashion Reverie can spoil you a little but just enough to be able to get into your favorite outfits. Have you heard of the famous Coconut cake Tom Cruise sends out every year? Kirsten Dunst, Renée Zellweger, Angela Bassett, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon and many others love talking about being on his cake list. Truth is there is a wait list so you might want to secure your order for the next season. 

—Tijana Ibrahimovic

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