PatBO Bridal Fall 2022

PatBO’s fall 2022 bridal collection is adorned in a way that it is as if the crocheted netted skirts of last year’s PatBO collection have been cast out into Brazil’s rolling waves to then return from the ocean floor full of glistening, white pearls. The ocean, colored bright blue, teems with life and excitement under the surface. PatBO’s lady in white is as lovely as always, but her beauty is magnified by the treasures of the sea draped across her form, capturing the sun in its tiny orbs. Grace Kelly was correct when she said, “The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.” The woman in white is the queen of the beach, and on her perfect day, she deserves to resemble the riches of the sea.

As her ideas strung out delicately like the pearls of the sea, Patricia Bonaldi, founder and creative director of PatBO, weaved together an autumn 2022 bridal collection that is rich with the brand’s embroidery expertise, signature cut-out details, and airy fabric that ruffles, drapes, and blows in the wind flowing off of the ocean’s current. Rather than outsource skill, Patricia Bonaldi developed a school in her hometown of Uberlândia, Brazil to teach local women the craft of embroidery, and now more than 200 men and women are skilled in the technique. 

Bonaldi states “It is important for me to dress my clients for all of her life moments, including her wedding day, with a collection that celebrates the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship.” There is nothing more special for a woman’s wedding day than a piece made with meticulous attention to detail and care. The love that a married couple feels for one another is transfused into each PatBO collection piece.

This exquisite expertise in hand-designed pieces is abundantly clear when viewing the collection. The most radiant looks from the ten-piece capsule collection are the pearl-beaded pieces in the forms of a mini dress, maxi dress, and cocktail dress. The cocktail dress, in particular, features pearls draping from a five-string freshwater necklace across both delicate shoulders and spreading down the arms to form gem crossed-square patterned sleeves and bodice. Coco Chanel has said, “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls,” and PatBO certainly would have earned Chanel’s interlocking CC stamp of approval as the piece was made “from more than three pounds of individually hand-strung pearl beads that took thirty days to create.”

Images courtesy of PatBO

Other pieces in the collection are more minimalistic, yet still highly detailed. A ruffled lace and crepe gown with waist cutouts is perfect for a dinner rehearsal look while a belted sheer bustier gown would suit an engagement party. A figure-hugging ruffled trim midi dress is a more casual piece that can be worn for the wedding after-party or next day celebration!

The collection would not be complete without multiple types of pearl and rhinestone embroidered hanging earrings by Ranjana Khan that capture the light glowing off of the face of a bride-to-be. This collection is classic yet sexy, and elegantly regal. It is available for pre-order now on and items will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue and PatBO between November 20th and December 1st!


—Tessa Swantek

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