Chuks Collins and TASOU Spring 2022

There are several designers who create multiple collections a year, but only a few fashion designers create multiple collections per season. For spring 2022, Nigerian-born, Bronx-based designer Chuks Collins created a collection for not only his signature line, but also for his new venture TASOU – The Athletic Side Of Us.

For his namesake brand, Chuks Collins’ spring 2022 collection is entitled “Resurrection”, as it “draws upon human abilities and our desire to create infinite possibilities.” Collins goes on to say “I was in a place where I was thinking of how we can attain all that we desire through the abilities within us. I became obsessed with the word resurrection; what can feel like nothing even though everything is there. It took me on a journey towards a personal search for that which can be found within myself. The changes were in me, I just needed to look closer.”

As you closely analyze the collection, you see the symbolic resurrection of Mother Nature highlighted within. There is a sleeveless, floor-length ombre dress that mimics the horizon at sunrise. There is also its counterpart, a one-shoulder, floor length ombre gown that resembles the horizon at moonrise. The moonrise gown is accompanied by a men’s suit that evokes the same.

Aside from the references to the sun and moon, Collins looked to other aspects of nature for inspiration. He took photos of cocoons and studied the resurrection process of butterflies. He researched the elements of strength and structure within the human muscular system as another way of looking within oneself.

This reverence of renewal and resurrection is demonstrated by the balance of soft, flowy fabrics with structured silhouettes, strategic pleating and ruching, emphasized by jewel tones of yellows, royal blues, wine reds, browns, and African prints inspired by cocoons.

For the debut of his more daywear/lifestyle collection, The Athletic Side Of Us (TASOU), Collins looked to the ancient kingdom of Benin for design inspiration. Visually, the collection is based in blues, oranges, neutrals, and prints, but conceptually, the line is just as conscious as Collins’ namesake brand.

Collins explains that “the two philosophies of “Art Self” and “Act Self” act as the foundation of this collection: expressions of the soul acting in congruence with expressions of the mind and body. Looks are meant to be functional, fluid and forward, that work for both men and women to fit the human experience.”

That goal is achieved with how easily the looks are able to be broken down than mixed and matched with other pieces. The garments are also sporty enough to be worn as regular day pieces, but comfortable enough to be utilized as activewear. For women, there are sports bras, bodysuits, and athletic halters that can be coupled with anything from gym shorts and joggers to stretch pants and palazzos. There are also full evening looks including minidresses.

For the men, the looks run the gamut from gym wear to loungewear to dinner wear. You have the options of short sets, denim, suits, and overcoats. Collins did his due diligence in making this collection cover a wide swath of sartorial needs for both men and women, and that is no easy feat.

Images courtesy of VERY New York

Whether your need is a basic wardrobe staple, workout attire, or something with panache for a night on the town, Collins can supply it from either of his brands.

—Carl Ayers

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