Editors’ Pick: Fall 2021 Back to School and Back to the Office Essentials

Slowly, but surely, the world seems like we’re getting to some semblance of a new normal. Yes, we are still in a pandemic (we’re up to 13 COVID-19 variants across the globe). But schools and businesses are beginning to retract from learning and working from home, and bringing people back to campuses and offices. That means a lot of us have to ditch the everyday shorts, sweats, and tees we’ve worn for the past year, readjust to having a daily commute, and prepare ourselves for the daily grind of in-person interaction. But as we always preach here at Fashion Reverie, whatever you do and where ever you go, do it with style. So with that in mind, we’ve assembled an assortment of essential items to help you reacclimate to the outside world.

Conscious consumerism is a leading sustainability trend and everyone should be helping preserve planet Earth. Whether it’s by reducing waste or by upcycling already made materials, we all have to do our part. One brand that is leading the charge is Nike. Nike’s “Move to Zero” campaign is their “journey toward zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of sport.” The brand has released a number of their classic silhouettes reimagined with at least 20 percent recycled content by weight, including recycled cork and recycled poly-canvas, and designed with natural plant dye. Now you can walk across campus or the office while being style conscious and eco-friendly.

As we start heading back to the office and college campuses, we have to adjust getting back into the groove of things. No more two-minute treks from the bedroom to the living room to start our day. Now, we must be alert and face a considerable commute early in the morning. Some of us are coffee people. Some of us need an extra pick me up. The hand-operated (no batteries needed) Nanopresso portable espresso maker will provide you that extra jolt on the go. Simply add one serving of ground coffee or a Nespresso capsule into the container, add hot water, pressurize the container by pumping several times, then enjoy your brown nectar of the gods!

It seems almost everyone is now focusing on their facial skincare. Maybe it’s in response to developing “maskne” during the pandemic, but there is certainly an uptick in new facial products and regimens. But what is new to some has been a long-time practice for others. Sure, you can purchase expensive cremes and serums from companies that have just popped up out of the blue. Or you can turn to brands that are tried and true, like Amway. Yes, that right, Amway.

There’s a reason Amway is a multi-billion-dollar company, annually. They provide quality products that people need and want at an affordable price. Their Artistry Skin Nutrition line is a range of beauty and skincare products that rival the latest celebrity-hyped brands. From cleansers and toners to masks and moisturizers, Amway’s Artistry line provides customers with quality products at cost-conscious prices.

Sometimes, you want your style to be subtle. Other times, you want to noticeably stand out from the crowd. Enter Sprayground, the apparel and accessories brand that’s been giving us the best of both worlds for over a decade.

Sprayground is globally renowned for its flashy and colorful backpacks and duffle bags. But the company also provides more toned-down but equally eye-catching carryalls that work for a more reserved lifestyle. On top of that, they offer an array of shirts, shorts, jackets, accessories. This fun brand isn’t just for the young, but for the young at heart. With an ever-changing assortment of options, you’ll always be able to find a new purchase to add to your collection.

Too often, our schedules get the best of us. We get so bogged down in our work that we often forget to take a break and refuel, and don’t realize anything is wrong until we’re hungry! Honey Stinger has an array of products that combine honey, carbohydrates, proteins, and electrolytes to help you prepare for, perform, and recover from physical activities. Honey Stinger products are a go-to energy source for athletes, and their waffles are also great as a snack to get through the mid-afternoon slump. Keep a few in your desk, briefcase or gym bag, and you’ll always have fuel on hand to battle the day.

Every stylish person wants to know who the great up and coming designers are. Well Daily Paper is the next big thing! Daily Paper is an Amsterdam-based fashion and lifestyle brand, which began as a blog, is fueled by the rich heritage of African culture wrapped in contemporary designs. Daily Paper is one of the fastest growing fashion brands out of Europe. They create two collections a year, focusing on both men and womenswear, in which they offer timeless designs across accessories, ready to wear and a range of capsules across the season.

As vaccination rates increase, mask wearing is starting to decrease. That means more people are face to face once more, barrier free, able to be assaulted by … bad breath. NO ONE likes bad breath—it’s a crime against humanity. Make sure you don’t assault people in close proximity by using TheraBreath oral rinse. Halitosis (bad breath) may be caused by a number of reasons, and these 24-hour mouthwashes are 100% guaranteed to relieve symptoms of bad breath or you get your money back! TheraBreath even created different formulas to promote healthy gums, whiten teeth, attend to dry mouth, and fight cavities. Safe enough for kids, yet strong enough for adults, TheraBreath oral rinses are the no-nonsense fog mouth fighters that everyone needs.

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Not everyone is ready to forego their masks just yet. With the onslaught of the COVID-19 Delta variant, even those who are vaccinated don’t want to take any chances. So, if you still plan to wear a mask until we’re given the all clear, you should do it in style, of course. During the Tokyo Olympics, we saw Team USA donning the Nike Venturer performance face mask. Designed for use during athletic activity, it has a built in nose cushion and chin insert to keep it in place, and it is constructed for optimal breathability. Now you can own a small piece of Team USA paraphernalia, show your support for our Olympians and Paralympians, and keep yourself and others safe all at the same time.

—Carl Ayers

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