Cult of Individuality Spring 2022

When a fashion brand looks to music and youth culture as sources of inspiration, one of the difficult challenges is keeping that brand fresh, current, and accessible. Cult of Individuality consistently accomplishes that goal. And its current collection demonstrates how adept Creative Director Ron Poisson is at injecting a special kind of joie de vivre into his collections.

“Authenticity has always been a part of the brand DNA of CULT,” says Poisson. “We never want our collection to seem forced, or mass produced. We work vigilantly to make sure every CULT of Individuality garment looks like it was broken in overtime and got its character by being worn countless times.”

Cult of Individuality’s spring 2022 collection did not spry too far away from the brand’s signature aesthetic which is a comfortable exploration in the many ways you can combine denim looks and fuse those looks into a palatable assemblage that appeals to the modern consumer. The trick is to keep this signature look fresh and correct without looking as though the brand is pandering to consumers or making gimmicky clothes. That is where Ron Poisson’s intelligence comes into play.

Thought this collection is heavily infused with hip hop references and projects toward mostly an 18 to 28-year old demographic, there are looks that can appeal to a very wide demographic be they Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z or a hip baby boomer. And that inclusivity is front and forward because Poisson taps into a wealth of musical genres and cultures, from grunge to rock n’ roll to hip hop and skateboard slacker culture.

Staying on the trend, the brand’s logo was emblazoned on jackets, tee shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans; however, unlike some similar brands that place a huge emphasis on braggadocio logo placement, Cult of Individuality keeps its focus on design and fashion-forward sensibility. And like many brands Cult of Individuality has incorporated collaborations to expand their audience. For this collection, the brand collaborated with the glam-groove band Pantera.

“We don’t give a $&*# about what is going on in the traditional fashion marketplace. We start each season with a clean slate, a new beginning,” says Ron Poisson. “Our team then looks to music. We find inspiration in all sorts of music in all genres and from that we start designing. Our foundation is always denim. From there, we add in silhouettes, colors, washes, graphics and a bunch of details from traditional Japanese and American work wear and we always end up a collection we are obsessed with!”

Images courtesy of VERY New York

Well said, Ron. And we are obsessed with Cult of Individuality!!

—William S. Gooch

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