Fashion Reverie’s Spring 2021 Activewear and Exercise Roundup

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It’s been a full year since the pandemic started. Everyone told themselves “I’m going to get ripped! I have so much free time to exercise! “ And then we sat on our couches eating 5 lb bags of chips delivered by Amazon and binged Brooklyn 99 over and over and over… and wound-up packing on more than a few pandemic pounds.

Well, it’s time to refresh those workout wardrobes and get to stepping! After a year indoors are you looking to step out in something new? Aren’t you lucky to have Fashion Reverie in your life! We’ve found some of the best independent and underrated brands for athleisure wear on the market.

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Imbōdhi clothing uses plant-based fabrics that require no pesticides and only a fraction of the land that cotton requires. Eucalyptus trees are sustainably harvested to make the silky, fine-knit Lenzing MicroModal fabric that is featured in their collection. And what’s in that collection? Their ridiculously chic easy-to-wear super popular bodysuits, that’s what. Fully reversible and amazingly comfortable, you’ll never want to wear anything but your body suit to work out in again.

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Tully Lou

Looking for super chic athleisure wear that will fit in at a house party as easily as it does at a gym?  Tully Lou is known for its standout pieces that effortlessly merge extremely high-quality performance activewear with fashion-forward streetwear. With bold colors and eye-catching patterns, you’ll be eager to show these pieces off. Oh, and a portion of all sales goes toward charitable giving and Tully Lou will let you direct where your donations will go.

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No Ka ‘Oi

No Ka ‘OI takes its name from the Hawaiian word for excellent and is produced with the best in Italian design know-how. Creative Director Simona Finelli fuses fashion, contemporary art, and wellness into an aesthetic defined by vibrant colors and an exacting approach to fit and silhouettes. These pieces are truly small works of art that you’ll be excited to wear again and again.

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Katie K

This activewear line focuses on practical issues (comfort, moisture wicking and POCKETS!!) with luxury fabrics and punches of fun color! Going up to size 3X. What Katie K really focuses on is fit.

After learning that most activewear lines simply expand smaller sizes, Katie K was determined to create a fit for plus-sized wear. This brand doesn’t just make a small thing into a larger thing. Rather, they’ve responded to the real curves and shapes that make up a woman’s body, ensuring all sizes have superior fit and comfort.

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The Year of Ours

This female-led, LA-based company is turning quite a few heads with their high-quality fabrics and unique fashionable touches. As the US reaches herd immunity, (vaccines are the best, aren’t they?) many women are headed back to their fast-paced lives that might not leave time for a costume change. Year of Ours responded with outfits that work as much for yoga as they do for brunch. Since their introduction, Year of Ours now carries extended sizing—ranging from XXS to 2X—and introduced brand new cuts, color palettes, and fabric formulas intended to fit an even wider range of lifestyles.

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Lola Getts

With a name taken from the classic Broadway Song “Whatever Lola wants” from “Damn Yankees,” this company was launched to be all about creating comfortable functional high- quality workout wear for plus-sized women.  It has now expanded to sizes from XS to 4X. Since most of the brand’s items (which include leggings, tops, and jackets) are created in neutral colors, it’s easy to mix and match without thinking twice about your overall look.

Online Exercise Programs

Are you ready to put that activewear to good use? Fashion Reverie has found two programs we are fond of, and you can try them both out for free before committing to a plan!

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Team Body Project

After over a year in quarantine, some of us haven’t hit a gym since March of 2020. Others haven’t worked out regularly in decades. But the exercise industry isn’t geared toward those people, is it? Check out Team Body Project at their website or on youtube.  The program is geared toward people who are out of shape with advice on how to get and stay active. Team Leaders will say things like, “If your back starts to hurt, you can just march in place, the most important part is that you keep moving,” to keep you motivated without talking down to you. You can access online support groups and meal programs for a small fee, or simply watch the videos for free on youtube.

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Fitness Marshall

Are motivation and boredom a problem for you? Look no further than workout videos created by Caleb Marshall. He choreographs fun workouts to the latest pop hits with beats you dance to. His fun and exuberance are truly infectious. He works out with two other people each demonstrating different levels of the workout. You can even sign up for reasonably priced access to longer videos. One word of warning, you might want to watch a video before you try to exercise to it. Marshall is a very skilled dancer so some of his moves may be a bit complicated.

—Cameron Rose Grey


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