Editors’ Pick: Where the Mind Goes, the Feet Follow: Surrealist Shoe Roundup

Image courtesy of Ganor Dominic

According to James Voorhies of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the surrealist movement was inspired by “Freudian methods of free association, and poetry and prose drew upon the private world of the mind, traditionally restricted by reason and societal limitations, to produce surprising, unexpected imagery. The cerebral and irrational tenets of Surrealism find their ancestry in the clever and whimsical disregard for tradition fostered by Dadaism a decade earlier.”

 Surrealism essentially exists as an evasion from reality, where its appeal is the strongest in times of hardship. We have seen surrealist influences on the fashion industry for decades; however, the most prominent is early surrealist artist’s continued influence on the works of Schiaparelli. The Victoria and Albert Museum in their Schiaparelli and Surrealism exhibit wrote, “Schiaparelli was drawn to the imaginative freedom in the work of the Surrealist artists whom she befriended on the Paris social scene, leading to numerous collaborative designs. Surrealism’s fixation with the corporeal and depictions of the body created natural tangents with the world of fashion.” Surrealist jewelry and fashion pieces are still prominent in every Schiaparelli collection, and Vogue most recently noted how Schiaparelli’s collections relate to our current global status in an article entitled “Jewellery’s New Surreal Appeal Echoes the Strangeness of Our Times.” Surrealism seems to have risen again in the fashion industry reflecting a desire to break away from reality and enter an avante-garde world where figures and shapes are not what they seem.


Like Salvador Dali’s slowly melting clock, the surreal appeal has dripped down from jewelry to footwear. The footwear market seems to be the last segment in the fashion industry to experience the surrealist influence trend since shoes are strongly associated with functionality, so it requires the mind of an innovator to meld the realities of functionality with the fashionable reverie of the surrealist movement. At Fashion Reverie, fanciful thinking is highly encouraged, so here is a roundup of the top 10 surrealist shoes you should keep your gold encrusted Schiaparelli eye on!


Full Surreal Appeal for those in a Permanent Reverie

Image courtesy of Gaynor Dominic

Ganor Dominic Tyche Contour White $449.99

These outrageously extravagant slides are aptly named after Tyche, the Greek goddess of fortune and prosperity. The jewel encrusted feather lashed eye detail is cleverly a removable brooch as well, giving these surrealist treasures versatility, as well as beauty.  These surreal art pieces are an incredible statement to accent any ensemble. Be prepared to be stopped in your tracks for compliments!

Image courtesy of Ganor Dominic

Ganor Dominic Art Boots Zelos $702

Salvador Dali, among many other surrealist artists, often depicted morphed faces in his work—there is nothing more surrealist than this feature. Face the day with joy and in style with these Zelos Art Boots in white. The perforated leather provides a beautiful breezy quality, making these boots perfect for spring and summer. The brand’s signature embossed face on the tongue adds just the whimsy needed to bring a smile to your face.

Image courtesy of DATT

DATT Sculpture Shoes $2000

Turn fashion on its crystal heel with these sculpture shoes wrought out of pure silver and copper. Whether you just want to dip your toes in the surrealistic waters or be full on avant-garde, slipping into these heeled sandals is a fashion-forward step. Also, you have the bonus of being able to skip the pedicure!


Innovations from the Minds of Surrealist Thinkers

Image courtesy of H&M

H&M Sandals $129

Surreal mentality inspires innovation as seen in these sustainable picks. These Neon Green Sandals from H&M in vegan faux leather made from cactus leaves (yes, cactus leaves!) are not only inspired by surrealism in their innovation and outside the box mentality, but they are also sustainable, as proudly stated on the back and heel of the shoe. The green is a refreshing homage to the burst of life in spring, and the padded crossover straps add a playful dimension. So, add a little sustainable spring to your surreal step in these innovative sandals.

Image courtesy of instagram.com

Ugo Paulon Repurposed Heels $TBD, shop coming soon!

Protect society from waste while you protect your feet with these sumptuously comfortable repurposed heels from Ugo Paulon. Each shoe is made from second-hand materials such as vintage shoes and clothes, as well as deadstock fabrics. The materials might be second hand, but the construction and style are first rate!

Image courtesy of apoc-store.com

Tega Akinola Cable Court Mules $324

Sustainability and style are tied together in these Cable Court Mules, smartly crafted from discarded electrical cables held in place by plastic cable ties. These mules are an elegant and fun addition to any environmentally conscious wardrobe. 


Surrealist Meets Traditional: a Classic With an Unexpected Twist

Image courtesy of H&M

H&M x Simone Rocha Pointed Flats $249

Let your fancy take flight in these airy red pointed flats by H&M in collaboration with Simone Rocha. The classic red flat is given a surreal lift with the addition of ethereal feathers evoking images of lightness and luxury. Add a pop of imagination to a casual look, or embellish a more elegant style. You cannot misstep in these.

Image courtesy of Dora Teymur

Dora Teymur Heart Cut Out Pump $462

It may be cliché but who would not love these Heart Cut Out Pumps by Dora Teymur from the bottom of their square toes to the tips of their covered cone heels? Why wear your heart on your sleeve, when you can show it off on these charmingly designed leather shoes?

Image courtesy of Charlotte Stone

Charlotte Stone Blanche Puzzle Piece Pump $248

Much of the surrealist appeal is in hidden figures and treasures when you were expecting to find something ordinary. As Frida Kahlo once said, “Surrealism is the magical surprise of finding a lion in a wardrobe, where you were ‘sure’ of finding shirts.” For this particular pump, the Charlotte Stone website describes it as a shoe that “looks like your everyday pump, but this fancy lady has a secret, and it’s a 2.5″ electroplated puzzle piece heel.” This shoe will help any outfit just fall into place.

Image courtesy of Marni

Marni Women’s Black Sandals $475

Shearling is rarely synonymous with summer, but in a surrealistic world, they fit right in. Slingbacks are a classic piece; however, the textured fabric adds an element of surprise and whimsy. Dream of an entire world of soft shearling and step out of your reverie with the clouds of your imagination on your feet.

—Tessa Swantek






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