Editors’ Picks: 2021 Mother’s Day Gifts

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It’s another Mother’s Day! Of course, we are still dealing with the pandemic, so we’re all going to have to get creative. People over 65 are especially vulnerable, but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now saying if everyone involved is vaccinated you can exchange mask-less hugs and have a fun day together. Fashion Reverie has curated a list of great Mother’s Day gifts to bring smiles.  Enjoy the day and stay safe.

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Does your mother tell you she doesn’t want you spending money on junk she’ll never use? Okay fine. There’s a solution. Look no further than BlueQ. They carry a plethora of unique, quirky yet extremely practical items like oven mitts, toothbrushes, socks, and more. Often, they have funny phrases and sometimes the words are a little blue so adjust accordingly for your mother’s tastes. Another great thing? A portion of all sales goes to Doctor without Borders.

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Birth Month Flower Kit

So many people love to grow flowers. People talk about how gardening is an incredibly relaxing and calming hobby. Does your mother have a green thumb? She will love this item from Uncommon Goods. You’ve heard of birthstones but did you know each month has an associated flower? You can select your mother’s birth flower and give her this kit. It will have everything she’ll need to grow her own colorful flowers that will remind her of your generosity every time she sees them bloom.

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Gobble Meal Kits

If you are a certain age, you remember June Cleaver of “Leave It to Beaver” fame joyfully cooking enormous breakfasts and five-course dinners. Making us believe that all moms love to cook,  except some moms don’t like cooking, some aren’t very good at it, and some moms just plain don’t want to! Once their kids are grown, some moms don’t want to spend an hour making dinner every night. 

So why does Fashion Reverie recommend Gobble Meal Kits? Not only do Gobble meals feature wonderfully flavorful dinners with lots of different optional add ins, with most of the prep taken care of before shipment, meals usually take only 20 minutes to prepare.

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Claus Porto Soaps Gift Box from Net-a-Porter

One of the best gifts is the one that provides everyday luxury from practical items.  One great extravagance is a really fantastic bar of soap. It’s just a simple daily indulgence that can really lift your spirits. This gift box from Claus Porto features eight  divine smelling soaps in such beautiful packaging your mom won’t be able to throw it away.

The soaps are made in the same Portuguese factory that was built when the company started in 1887, and contain moisturizing pistachio oils for a creamy rich lather. Each of the eight bars in this set is individually wrapped in beautifully illustrated paper pulled from the brand’s archives and sealed with a wax stamp.

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Firstleaf Wine Club

Does your mother love nothing more than sipping a delicious wine? If so, she’ll love Firstleaf wine club. This subscription service will help your mother discover fantastic new vinos to add to her collection. She will start with a quiz to help her find personal wine preferences. Once your mom receives her bottle, she can rate it to help her find another new favorite (there are thousands of bottles to choose from.) And what if she hates the wine she’s ordered? Customer service will find her a replacement bottle!

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Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

Does your mother lament that no one hand writes letters anymore? Does she get chilly easily?  Bring both of those worlds together with a personalized letter blanket from Diane Scaman from Uncommon Goods. Her loose-leaf-paper-styled, 100% cotton blankets create a cozy customizable medium for your messages of love. Your mother will be reminded of your warming words every time her toes get cold.

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Clevery Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

We all had a hearty laugh in the 1980’s when we saw the Life Alert commercial where an elderly woman lays on the floor of her bathroom crying “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Sadly, this is a real situation that can cause serious injury. Many older people won’t take baths because crawling in and out of tubs is just too dangerous. While bath bombs are a traditional Mother’s Day item, why not think outside the tub? Placing the heavenly scented Clevery Aromatherapy Shower Steamers in a corner of a shower creates divine aromas that turn any bathroom into the ultimate spa experience.

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Giving Keys Jewelry

Jewelry is many people’s go-to Mother’s Day gift, but would you consider giving your mother a more unique and meaningful jewelry experience? Giving Keys Jewelry are beautiful pieces engraved with a single word (choose from selected words or pick a custom word) that means something important to your mother. After one year Giving Keys encourages owners to pay it forward by passing the jewelry onto another person. Even if your mother decides to keep the piece, she’ll still be contributing. Giving Keys teaches important life and job skills to people transiting out of homelessness.

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World Wildlife Federation Animal Adoptions

Did you know you could adopt a tiger as a gift for your mom? Don’t worry you won’t end up in “Tiger King” part 2. World Wildlife Federation sells symbolic adoptions so your mother (who has already told you multiple times she doesn’t need more stuff!) can help an endangered animal preserve their habit and increase their numbers.

—Cameron Grey Rose

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