Christian Siriano Fall 2021

Christian Siriano gets it right this time!! And during this era of digital fashion weeks, I wish other designers could get it right. Maybe, they should follow Siriano’s lead.

That said, what did Siriano get right? There are many things, almost too many to name. Let’s start with his show. Siriano opted for a real runway show at Gotham Hall with guests safely distanced. Siriano also incorporated a lot of diversity in his fall 2021 collection—lots of models of color, and a range of plus-size models. Lastly, Siriano understood that this time of retraction and lockdown it is so important to give consumers something to aspire to. This collection was not designed to make consumers comfortable or reflect the perilous times we are living in. This collection projected toward the future and a return to glamour and style.

Siriano was inspired by a recent trip to Aspen, Colorado and what a fashionable woman would wear to glamorous events there. Obviously, Siriano’s woman would wear all the sexy, glamorous looks in this collection, with some looks bordering on adventurous and mildly avant garde. This is the woman that we had come to love in Siriano’s collection, a woman that has been almost absent from his collections over the past two years.

The consumer who would like, perhaps, the first 10 looks in this collection is the woman that Siriano has been appealing two in his most recent collections. She is stylish, youthful, and sophisticated, but not risk-taking or adventurous. In other word, this consumer who you will make your bread and butter from.

However, the garments in the latter part of this fall 2021 collection is for the woman who pushes the proverbial fashion envelope. She is in the words of Diana Vreeland, “now and next.” And Siriano really understands how to be display her tastes and dress her whimsical nature.

Perhaps, because this show was one of the few live runway shows of the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) season, Siriano felt he had the opportunity to dramatically explore this daring consumer. And, also the absence of live runway shows may have opened the door and prompted Siriano to turn up the volume and wow audience and consumers with his wealth of talent. And wow he did!

The first eleven or so looks fit appropriately with Siriano’s stated inspiration theme—dressing up of an Aspen event. The looks were a modern, woodsy Americana interpretation of glam in the Rockies. Though some of the garments were slightly tongue-in-check, for the most part, Siriano did his job of sticking to the theme.

That said, looks 12 to 49 were all out, hit-you-over-the-head, Siriano luxury glam. From the garments with cutouts to garments with revealing sneak peeks to ruffled garments, all displayed Siriano’s many talents and gave NYFW a much-needed fashion boost.

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Christian Siriano’s fall 2021 collection is what NYFW used to be and what it should return to in a new and expansive way. Health pandemic aside, perhaps, NYFW will get rid of the street circus that had plagued this hallowed event for too many years and bring back what NYFW is supposed to be about, wonderful, glorious fashion!!

William S. Gooch

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