Snow Xue Gao Fall 2021

With an eye for consumer needs, a unique yet growing aesthetic and inspiration drawn from fairy tales and Netflix, Snow Xue Gao has presented another excellent collection. Adding vitality this season is images of tigers, which was pulled, Gao says, from a Chinese children’s song, which also provided the collection’s title, “Women Are Tigers.” Examining the contrast between the powerful and the fragile, the feminine and masculine, is the focus of this fall 2021 collection, best demonstrated in Gao’s skillful tailoring and keen eye.             

Like a lot of consumers, isolated by the colder than usual winter and the health pandemic, Gao fell in love with the Netflix series “Bridgerton” and was inspired by the show for this collection, incorporating square necklines on princess-line corset tops with 19th-century design touches.  Gao told Vogue, “It’s interesting to see that no matter what time period, no matter which country, which region, what color, there’s always a group of women that represent strong power in a feminine way”.

It will be fascinating to see how consumers respond to the deconstructed suits. It’s going to be a while before offices reopen and consider making work from home permanent. This digital presentation shows some of the limits of not being able to view the collection in person. Are these suits easy to wear? How do they move? With multiple garment ties, is it possible to get the garments off easily without assistance?

Responding to consumers requests for more casual offerings, Gao included several easy-to-wear dresses in both silk and cotton. One silk dress featured a striking silkscreened tiger in black. Several cotton dresses had removable sleeves that tied around the neck in contrasting patterns that should prove to be popular among millennials with their bright colors and distinctive silhouettes.

One item that really misses the mark were the tops with ruffled bottoms. They made even the pencil-thin models look thick-waisted. Strangely, these tops were paired with Capri-length wide pants that were very unflattering.

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Gao has found a way to reimagine her popular coats. In addition to multi-colored piping, the jackets are now reversible, presenting consumers with even more options. No one combines completely different prints as elegantly as Gao and with this collection she demonstrates an eye for editing and focusing her vision.

With so many designers boxing themselves into a corner, Gao continues to evolve by experimenting with her signature aesthetics and listening to consumers. This bodes well for the future of her company.

Cameron Grey Rose

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