Naeem Khan Fall 2021

As an art form, fashion tends to have one foot in the past and one in the future. There is the adage that fashion is cyclical, and there is nothing truly new, but simply a new spin on an old trope. Naeem Khan’s fall 2021 collection confirms yet combats this sentiment. While many brands have pivoted to focus on creating collections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic—relaxed aesthetics and athleisure—Khan is looking to the future world where we have moved on from COVID-19.

As you view Khan’s latest 33-piece collection, you will see gowns evoking various periods of high fashion. There are fringed-beaded dresses reminiscent of the 1920’s flapper and art deco era. There were also nods to the Flower Power movement of the late ‘60s, and the feathered Dynasty era of the 80’s. And one cannot overlook the heavy baroque and rococo looks of the 1700’s.

The baroque ensembles employed the eye-catching color palette of black, gold, and silver to harken old world aristocratic glam. The intricate beading takes form in a design of gilded leaves and feathers against a black backdrop creating an illusion of metallic brocade armor. The image, fit for a Maharani, is reminiscent of traditional fashion reminiscent of Khan’s South Asian homeland.

Equally as glamourous are the looks of the American flapper and art deco period. Not as intricately designed, but just as heavily encrusted, Khan’s flapper dresses in silver, blue, and green come in full, knee, and thigh lengths. The art deco gowns are in silver or gold for a classic looks, but there’s also a gold jumpsuit for extra festive occasions.

Moving forward in the timeline of fashion, Khan offers traditional and modern reflections of the hippie era. With orange and red beaded flowers atop a pale blue background, you are thrust back in time, but this is not some ‘Marcia Brady’ ensemble. With high hem lines and plunging neck lines, these looks are bold and daring, not for the faint of heart. Still, there are more modest flower-adorned dresses, gowns, and jumpsuits in black, and even ethereal creations in a sandy nude tone.

If you are one to be more covered up, you would appreciate the monochromatic gowns in purple and pink. They include floor-length capes and feathered jackets that will have you channeling Diahann Carroll and Joan Collins.

Images courtesy of Naeem Khan

Nothing in this collection is for the homebound consumer. This line was created for the woman who has incorporated dressing up as part of her lifestyle.  Khan says “There are women who love glamour, who cannot live without glamour and they socialize, even though it might be restricted. They want to look fabulous because dressing like this makes you happy and it gives a certain feeling to life.”

—Carl Ayers

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