Collina Strada Fall 2021

Being transported into the creative mind of Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada’s founder and designer, is an experience unlike any other. Collina Strada’s fall 2021 presentation grabs you by the hand and brings you to Collina Land, a wild meadow-frolicking, floral explosion of an experience that is both alluring and slightly repelling due to the models’ beautifully distorted movements that induce a fever dream. This world is one where everyone fits in because there is no requirement to fit in. Like the animals (collina-mals) that models freely morph into, all are as beautiful as they are distinct and inspire a sense of freedom that society hopes to experience again soon.

This evocative display is not unexpected for Collina Strada as the brand’s attitude is just as important as the fashion that complements it; a loud and expressive personality is made even louder with innovative trimmings and accessories in an unexpected take on classic pieces. The Collina Strada voice is even more distinct as the floral mesh layers unfold and reveal a powerful platform for social awareness.

“Collina-mals,” is a song by Angel Emoji, samples from Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy.” The lyrics, “Can we frolic in the meadows again?” are clearly a reference to the pandemic and take us through a head to toe earth-toned floral opening look modeled by Aaron Philip, the first Black transgender differently abled model to be represented by a major agency. Philip soon amusingly morphs into a frog in Hillary Taymour’s signature humor and in collaboration with Animorphs. The choice of model immediately points to the inclusivity of this brand, and the metamorphosis speaks of the need for change in our society to a perspective in which all are valued for who they are as individuals. Also, Taymour, not one to waste anything, uses this opportunity to showcase endangered animals such as the Sifaka of Madagascar.

The collection screams exuberant frivolity with its layers of riotous prints of florals, chevrons, plaid, hand painted fruits, and signature loops. Upcycled fabrics are combined in head to toe styles from rhinestone hair clips, bow cloth masks, and an earring shaped as a praying mantis holding a strawberry to turquoise and orange gardening gloves, all the way down to ruffle fabric soles. One standout silhouette is an atypical bodysuit with V-shaped seams forming a voluminous hip. Textures and pastel colors are reminiscent of previous Collina Strada collections, but Taymour takes even more advantage of the digital platform with this collection.

Images courtesy of Collina Strada

Angel Emoji asks, “if you could be an animal, what do you think you’d be?” The answer would be a resounding, “any Collina-mal!”

— Tessa Swantek

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