Dirty Pineapple Fall 2021

Since its establishment, Shanghai-based Dirty Pineapple, has fused vintage with futurism, masculine with feminine silhouettes, and streetwear with high fashion by contrast and collision between prints and patterns. “Local Resort,” the fall 2021 collection, projects this contrast between a pandemic restricting us to our local scene and the freedom of a resort getaway. The result is a surrealistic photo diary that portrays individuality and nuances of home life against metropolis influences.

The digital collection opens with a visual motif of fruits on color-blocked resort stripes that reference the Shanghai street scene; an environment of sweeping neon lights and history that lay the background for the intimate lives of locals such as fruit sellers. The first vignette is reminiscent of a silent film with a theatrical soundtrack playing as time lapses. Interior design is just as impactful as the fashion pieces. Vintage floral wallpaper, a cream rotary phone, silk and lace blossoming tablecloths, a retro fan with a pop of modern purple, all form a surrealistic backdrop to the cacophony of the styles themselves. The futuristic print of the carpet translates to the fabric of other styles, and the vintage atmosphere is a great foil for the Dirty Pineapple aesthetic.

Models that speak to gender neutrality look tense; a woman in grape-colored purple tights, a graphic skirt, and a yellow cashmere sweater with sunglasses strung on a pearl chain is captured cooling herself off. In the same wild monotony, a man in a kiwi green suit with burgundy-colored sleeves stiffly jumps on the resort bed to entertain himself in an evocative display of many of our quarantined lives.

Modern music plays into blue and green hued screens reflecting onto the models’ leather coats, wool graphic sweaters, and quilted vests. Blue clouded skies reflect onto the interior walls initiating a free-spirited tone that is constrained by the inner borders of the hotel. The final look is a stunning aqua blue striped suit jacket printed with the color-blocked fruit motif paired with relaxed aqua trousers. The model playfully walks next to locals as if the street is the runway and locals are part of the show, signaling a final unrestrained spirit.

In true Dirty Pineapple form, hardware and styling offers an innovative approach to streetwear. Models sport punk chains and spikes as well as green nail polish with gold polka dots. Basics are mixed with novel prints, textures, and details. A mustard corduroy pant features slits of middle seam lines that embrace Dirty Pineapple’s take on a vintage fabric.

All images courtesy of runway360.cfda.com

Fashion is about the feeling clothing provides, the future they portray, and the stereotypes they reveal and break. Dirty Pineapple continues to appeal to young and creative consumers on the edge of whatever comes next.

—Tessa Swantek


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