Valentine’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” —Dr. Seuss

Remember those Valentine’s Days when you had to scramble to make last-minute reservations at the perfect romantic restaurant? Well, it’s going to be a night in for lovers in 2021 as the restaurants that are open can only offer outdoor seating or if in New York City are only operating at 25% seating capacity inside. Since its February and about 15 degrees out, this is not ideal. Never fear Fashion Reverie has a gift guide including some items that are perfect for a night at home.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Cameo Nouveau

Are you looking for something for your darling that’s truly unique? Check out Cameo Nouveau.  You’ll find an assortment of exclusive jewelry, hats, and home goods. In addition to their extremely creative and affordable pieces of jewelry, make sure to check out their amazing vintage clothing. Be careful when buying clothing for your better half. Pro tip? Check sizes, it’s truly upsetting to get a fabulous piece of clothing and it is the wrong size.

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Serena Williams Jewelry

Celebrate Black History Month by honoring a great athlete and savvy businesswoman Serena Williams by gifting your honey with exceptional, yet reasonably priced jewelry. Serena Williams (SWJ) uses only superior materials with top quality craftsmanship, so these fine pieces will last for generations.  SWJ also takes great care to use only ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds and precious metals mining operations that support local communities.  With its timeless elegance, you can’t go wrong with SWJ.

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Life by Definition Wine Glasses

Is there anything quite as awkward as Valentine’s Day coming far too early in a relationship? Due to COVID-19 restrictions nurturing a developing relationship can be a challenge. Maybe you’re only two months in. Maybe you’ve never met in real life. Maybe you’ve already said “I love you” but a gift that says “I am yours forever” is a bit too much.  Have this set of whimsical wine glasses sent to your paramour, along with a bottle of wine, and have a fun romantic evening toasting each other over Zoom!

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Personalized World Map

Married another world traveler, did you?  But everyone’s passports have been tucked away since March of last year. Create a fabulous gift for both of you letting your loved one know your honeymoon was just the beginning of a lifetime of adventure. Vintage maps mounted and framed using colorful pushpins to designate hometowns, vacations anything you want! Work with artist Wendy Gold to get an exceptional, unique, and completely personal work of art that will beautify your home for decades.

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Magnolia Bakery Date Night Box

Sweets for your sweet? With almost all the restaurants closed, it’s time for a night in with significant other and a lot of sugar.  Don’t go for the standard box of chocolates. Don’t think outside the box, think of a different box!  This once with classic bakery treats from the world-famous Magnolia Bakery. Date Night Box features two large containers of their classic banana pudding, pink banana pudding, and two cupcakes (vanilla with vanilla buttercream and chocolate with chocolate buttercream.) Yummy Yummy, yummy you’ll have love in your tummy.

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Le Creuset Red Heart Dutch Oven

There are so many cheap plastic useless trinkets for sale, but will your better half view them as a waste of time and resources? You want to buy something romantic, but is there such thing as practical romantic? Check out the Le Creuset Red Heart Dutch Oven! This is a boon to anyone who loves to cook. Le Creuset is known for its high-quality colorful cookware first introduced in 1925. Their cast-iron products are still created in the original Le Creuset foundry located in France. A well cared for Le Creuset can be passed down through generations. It’s a gift that’s in it for the long haul.

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Sephora Favorites – Treat Yourself Coffret Perfume Sampler

Perfume seems like such a perfect romantic gift, but it can be very problematic. It’s impossible to know if someone is going to like a fragrance and if you’ve chosen a high-quality expensive scent, you’ll end up spending a pretty penny on something your lover won’t ever use. So, instead go for the Sephora’s Treat Yourself Coffret Perfume Sampler. It comes with a fragrant Nest votive candle, an Armani Beauty mini lip Maestro and five samplers of some Sephora best-selling fragrances. That’s not even the best part. Also included in the sampler is a voucher your sweetheart can exchange for a full-size bottle! This is a limited edition. Grab yours now!

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Hunt a Killer Subscription Box

Looking for a project for you and honey to do together? Hunt a Killer subscription box is a fun project for any couple that loves true crime. Since you can’t go out to restaurants right now, let date night come to you in the form of evidence, decoding ciphers, and piecing clues together to solve a crime. It’s like your own personal escape room delivered right to your door!

—Cameron Grey Rose

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