Editors’ Pick: Necessity Yields NAISSANT NYC

The COVID-19 pandemic is producing more stories than those of horror, desperation and loss. This health pandemic is inspiring some folks to take risks and follow their dreams. Luciana Rozenberg, the CEO and founder of NAISSANT NYC is one such person.

After losing her job, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rozenberg took the risks and had the audacity to launch her handbag line, NAISSANT NYC. But, doing things out of the ordinary are part and parcel for Luciana. After moving to New York from Argentina to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Luciana worked for such high-end brands as THEIA, Marchesa, and Zac Posen.

Her design aesthetic is characterized by having a strong emphasis on architectural structure and forms which relates to her parent’s careers as architects. This design aesthetic is made evident in NAISSANT NYC bags. The bags come in strong geometric shapes with excellent construction and contain interchangeable accessories.

Luciana Rozenberg

Luciana Rozenberg believes that product should always be evolving just like the American consumer. NAISSANT NYC bags are designed around you and your day, as the building blocks to your wardrobe. And NAISSANT NYC bags are adaptable with interchangeable accessories that can be mixed and match as your needs and your daily routine evolves. Fashion Reverie‘s favorites are the crossbody bag and Marie mini phone bag.

The bags are consciously made and only use byproduct leather that is vegetable tanned and certified by the Leather Working Group. The linings are 100% organic cotton, the packaging is all recycled, and bag hardware is nickel-free to limit allergies and brushed with a 12-carat gold coating. Additionally, the brand is committed to giving back. A portion of proceeds from all sales is donated care.org and goes towards funding education for the next generation of powerful women.

Images courtesy of NAISSANT NYC

In addition to making the highest quality bags, NAISSANT NYC is also committed to limiting waste and other environmental impact, both while crafting our products and getting them into consumer’s hands. NAISSANT NYC has designed shipping and packaging around sustainable practices.

Their boxes are made from recycled materials and shipped on their own (no box inside of a box). And NAISSANT NYC even has branded biodegradable packing tape that can be recycled without having to be removed from the box. As part of the Carbon Fund, NAISSANT NYC are committed to being 100% carbon neutral: we want to add good to the world, not CO2.

The line is exclusively sold at https://naissant-nyc.com/. NAISSANT NYC retail price points range from  $95-$485.


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