Editors’ Pick: Charlotte Rampling Stars in Saint Laurent Spring 2021 Video

Who says fashion is for and all about youth? Saint Laurent’s new spring 2021 video gives voice to another perspective. This new video which stars iconic British actress Charlotte Rampling as mysterious mistress who after leaving a frustrated, fearful place in her life, an Algerian desert, transitions to a tranquil, peaceful, a stately mansion.

This place of refuge is bathed in a hazy reddish gold glow, and is also inhabited by lean, statuesque models. Rooms and hallways are imbued in hazy velvet light while a remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” by Sebastian plays in the background.

For those unfamiliar with Charlotte Rampling, one should look to London’s Swinging Sixties, a time which Rampling epitomized the free-spirited young women who sexually liberated by the pill and no longer stepped in line with the establishment.

Interestingly, Charlotte Rampling began her career as a model and has remained fashion icon throughout her long career. From her first significant role in the 1960’s cult classic “Georgy Girl” to starring roles in “Vanishing Point,” “Stardust Memories,” “The Verdict,” “The Cherry Orchard,” “Under the Sand,” “The Sense of the Ending,” and more recently “Euphoria,”  Rampling has always embraced her free-spirited femininity and sexuality.

In this latest Saint Laurent video, Saint Laurent’s Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello design aesthetic for the spring 2021collection harkened back to the first Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutiques of the ’60s. And in accord with the spring 2021 ready-to-wear collection which relied heavily on a 60s mode aesthetic with a nod to mod silhouettes—miniskirts, form-fitting jumpsuits with thick belts, and cocktail dresses with ostrich-feathered embellishments—Charlotte Rampling is the perfect embodiment and reflect to back to the 60s.

Images courtesy of lesfacons.com

To capture the moodiness and dreaminess of this collection on celluloid, Anthony Vaccarello tapped Argentine filmmaker and previous collaborator Gaspar Noé to give life and weight to the latest ready-to-wear collection.

—William S. Gooch

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