Editors’ Pick: NAKEDCASHMERE x Agnes Baddoo Limited Bag Collection

Are you celebrating the results of the 2020 Presidential Election? Maybe, maybe not. Well, whatever your political affiliation, there is no need to despair. Celebrate the Biden/Harris win with the NAKEDCASHMERE x Agnes Baddoo limited bag collection. And if happen you are one of the 70 million not celebrating the 2020 Presidential Election, elevate your mood with one of the bags from the NAKEDCASHMERE x Agnes Baddoo collaboration.

The NAKEDCASHMERE x Agnes Baddoo limited bag collection features two exclusive bag styles, in a soft taupe leather available in a large tote sac and belt-sac. Handbag maven Agnes Baddoo and NAKEDCASHMERE have partnered to create two leather bags in an exclusive colorway ‘Naked Taupe,’ to be paired with NAKEDCASHMERE’s fall 2020 collection. Agnes has a cult following of the top fashion and design leaders across the world. With her Afro-Caribbean roots and New York City upbringing along with her over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, has helped cultivate her unique style and passion for her craft.

Sustainability and craftsmanship were the main driving forces behind the partnership. Agnes quotes, “The world really doesn’t need one more thing, so make your offering special.” The one of a kind color way is designed to be paired with the soft, earthy neutral color palette of NAKEDCASHMERE’s pure cashmere collection. The simplicity and timelessness of Agnes’s soft leather goods paired with NAKEDCASHMERE’s one-of-a-kind cashmere knits are the perfect pair of classic and timeless luxury, designed for you to live in.

Images courtesy of NAKEDCASHMERE

Agnes’ bags are 100% biodegradable and with proper care can last a lifetime. Agnes’ motto is, “Wear, Repair, Rotate, Rediscover.” And in this season of sustainability, upcycling, and environmental consciousness, having a bag that is biodegradable and can last a lifetime is so important. And remember, the NAKEDCASHMERE x Agnes Baddoo limited bag collection can be passed down to that special someone.

Celebrate or elevate your mood. It’s your choice!!


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