Editor’s Picks: African American Beauty and Wellness Brands Roundup

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2020 has truly been a year for reckoning. The pandemic is taking a terrible toll, not just on people who have lost friends or family, but on that small businesses are closing by the dozen.  And with so many small businesses closing, of course, minority-owned small businesses have been hit the hardest.

The Small Business Association admits it’s not even sure how many businesses have closed permanently. Currently, the iconic New York bookstore The Strand recently announced if it can’t come up with funding soon, its doors will no longer be open.

A lot of people are trying to funnel their remaining dollars toward local, independently owned businesses. With that in mind Fashion Reverie has compiled a list of wonderful, privately owned, African American beauty and wellness companies.   

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Rosen Skincare

Acne may be normal, but it is also TERRIBLE. For years we were told oil was the enemy, so the goal was to scrub the skin constantly. Sometimes not only did that not help, it made things considerably worse. Rosen Skincare has been shown to be extremely effective at reducing acne and giving you clear healthy skin. There’s a quiz you can take to give you the perfect skincare routine.

Jamika Martin began Rosen while she was still a student at UCLA getting her BA in business economics. She still makes all the packages and all the products by hand with a passion for quality and attention to detail. Join the email list and get a full skincare routine for only $45!

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W Cosmetics Beauty

This company will change your lipstick game! W Cosmetics was founded with the goal to empower women through gorgeous liquid lipsticks and other lip products including a yummy lip scrub (yes you can lick off the residue). Cruelty-free and natural, owner Rachel Corrie—no not the late peace activist—founded the company with the goal to give women confidence, which won’t be hard with these sexy easy to use liquid lipsticks.

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Beautiful Bamboo

2020 is not only known for racial unrest, but for the year we saw climate change remind us that saving our environment should be a priority, now!! No way around it. Mother Nature always bats last. Many companies are turning to bamboo, which requires far less water than other plants and is extremely fast-growing. It’s an ecologically sound and sustainable substance. But did you know you can consume bamboo? Silica is an essential nutrient critical for healthy hair, skin, nails, and bone formation. Bamboo is the richest source of plant-based silica you can find. The high silica content is what makes bamboo the fastest growing plant in the world. Founder Nadege Lewis wanted to create a company to provide great tasting access to this superfood. You can consume it in teas or in supplement form. There are also shampoos, facial oil, and more!

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She’s Happy Hair

There was a huge demand for high-quality, yet affordable human hair extensions, that many companies failed to meet. Co-founders and U.S. military veterans, Warren Broadnax and Marcus Bowers decided to fill that gap. She’s Happy Hair was formed in 2012. Their mission statement is about commitment to extremely high quality, yet affordable hair extensions, and other fine hair care products.

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Pur Home

Are you concerned about the environment but don’t want to give money to big business, eco companies that you’re not sure you can trust? Would you rather give your dollars to a business committed to environmentally safe practices, but independently owned by a black woman? Well, now you can!

 PUR Home was created by Angela Richardson to provide natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly household cleaners. Pur Home selects organic and raw ingredients that are plant-based, biodegradable, and sustainably sourced.

Image courtesy of Honey Pot

Honey Pot

Every woman knows that moment when you’re purchasing feminine hygiene products when you think, “Do the people making this stuff have any clue how a woman’s body works?” The answer is no. Most feminine hygiene products were engineered and developed by male scientists. Are there options? YES!

Bea Dixon was suffering from bacterial vaginosis. All the products available to her were making things worse! Determined to find a better way, she founded Honey Pot, a company created by women for women. The products are free of harmful chemicals, powered by herbs, all-natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free, clinically tested and gynecologist approved.  Additionally, Honey Pot donates to charities who help homeless, and low-income women get the menstrual products they need.

Image courtesy of Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyae

A white woman congratulated herself for “inventing” hair bonnets—the same ones worn by black women for centuries—and was selling them for almost $100 online. The internet roasted this woman hard. 

In 2014, Grace Eleyae took a trip to Kenya that changed her life. During a bumpy 8-hour car ride, all the hair on the back of her head broke off—the result of her chemically straightened hair and constant friction against the headrest. So, Grace Eleyae created a company that sells silk and satin-lined products that eliminate hair-damaging friction, lock in moisture, and help distribute your hairs’ natural oils throughout your scalp. Plus, they help prevent your hair from thinning and create the optimal environment for healthy growth.

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Noire Bud

If you are a regular reader of Fashion Reverie you know we LOVE our CBD products! Carolyn Gray launched Noire Bud from Brooklyn in 2018.  She was motivated by the cannabis industry’s failure to pay respect to those who were unfairly punished for marijuana criminalization.  Noire Bud makes vegan and paraben-free hard candies, teas, skin salves made with peppermint oil, and more. If you have a CBD need, they can help you!

—Cameron Grey Rose

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