Fashion Reverie’s 2020 Halloween Fun List

Halloweens that fall on Saturdays are rare. Not only will Halloween fall on Saturday this year, it will also fall on a full moon!  A lot of people are looking forward to this one. Alas, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. No trick or treating. No Halloween parties. For the first time in 47 years no East Village Halloween parade. 

But people are finding ways to have fun. Zoom parties are all the rage now. They are a safe, socially distanced way to responsibly hang with friends. With that in mind, Fashion Reverie has rounded up some fun costumes, movie, and activity ideas for Halloween 2020.


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Debate Fly Wig

Did you watch the vice-presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence? Well, if you didn’t watch the debate, one of the most startling aspects of the debate was the fly that landed on Vice President Mike Spence’s head and stayed there for some time, almost two minutes in fact.  Some pundits even compared the fly on the head to God’s wrath of flies on the Egyptian Pharoah. (Remember, Cecile B. Demille’s “Ten Commandments.) At any rate, the photo went viral and 3Wishes in response to this interesting phenomenon has produced a Mike Pence fly wig. You better purchase it quickly before they run out of stock.

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Joe Exotic and Tiger Honey

A great idea for a couples’ costume is the Joe Exotic and Tiger Honey from 3Wishes. While the real Joe Exotic is serving 22 years in state prison, your Joe can sing loves songs to his tiger honey. You got to admit, Joe’s songs were genuinely catchy. During a Zoom party, you could have a stuffed tiger come in from off-camera to attack!

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Carole Baskin

And of course, if Joe starts singing “Here Kitty Kitty,” well it’s time for Carole Baskin to appear. If she’s still on “Dancing with the Stars,” you can do the paso doble to “Eye of the Tiger” in your multi-colored animal print top and flower crown. Don’t forget to keep asking people if they’ve seen your husband.

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg

After serving 27 years on the Supreme Court the Notorious RBG passed away at age 87. She was literally fighting until her dying day for the American people. She fought for LBGT, the disabled, and was tackling voter’s rights when she passed away. Once you have her iconic pearls, glasses, and tight bun, all you need is a judge’s robe and gavel to honor this pioneer in American law and civil rights.

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Naomi Osaka

This nationally ranked tennis pro supported Black Lives Matter by wearing face masks with the names of black people murdered by police, like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. A Halloween costume will be quick and easy. Don some athletic wear, carry a tennis racket, get a visor with the Nike Swoosh, and a face mask with a name on it. A black-owned, Esty shop (link provided) sells the masks you’ll need.

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Black Panther

Revered actor Chadwick Boseman’s death from cancer at age 43 took everyone by surprise as he never spoke publicly about his diagnosis. Boseman wowed critics with his performances as James Brown in “Get On Up” and Jackie Robinson in “42,” but he’ll be most remembered as T’Challa from “Black Panther.” All you’ll need a black muscle shirt and a spikey necklace.

Looking for a quick cheap easy costume? Write “Blessing” in white chalk on a black t-shirt and wear a Groucho nose and glasses. What are you? A blessing in disguise! Write “Go Ceiling! GO!” on a tee shirt and carry some pom poms. What are you? A ceiling fan!


It’s just not Halloween without some scary movies! Nope, we can’t go to the movies this year, but a lot of people are having watch parties via Zoom.  You’ve got the candy, now get out the popcorn, the show is about to start!

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“Tales from the Hood 3” – Hulu, VOD

This horror anthology series will release it’s the third installment this month, with four spine-tingling stories, each one from the minds of directors Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott. This entry will focus on race-related stories, reminding us that simply being black in modern America can be truly terrifying.

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“Host” – Shudder

If you’re setting up a watch party be careful to choose 2020 film directed by Rob Savage (cool name) as there are several movies with the same title. Hit the bathroom before you start or risk wetting the couch. This is one scary movie! Several people gather via Zoom to perform a séance failing to take it seriously until it’s much too late.

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“The Cleansing Hour “– Shudder

Looking for some bloody gore and body horror? Father Max hosts “The Cleansing Hour” an online show that streams live exorcisms. Why yes, they do have merch! The show is completely fake. That is until a real demon decides to crash the party.

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“Rebecca” – Netflix

Looking for a stylish psychological thriller? Check out this remake of Hitchcock’s 1940 Oscar winner.  A young woman played by Lily James (who is never given a name) is swept off her feet in a whirlwind romance marrying a charming Maxim De Winter (played by Armie Hammer). But after arriving at his windswept English estate finds herself haunted by the specter of his late wife.

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“The Witches” HBO Max

Looking for some family friend fare? Based on a novel by Roald Dahl, Anne Hathaway stars as The Grand High Witch in “The Witches,” a role originated by Angelica Houston. A young boy visiting a hotel with his grandmother (Oscar winner Octavia Spencer) stumbles upon a coven of evil witches and gets transformed into a mouse! Can he stop their wicked plot?

With trick or treating cancelled this year, what activities can parents do with their young children?

  • Scavenger Hunt – Hide several plastic bags filled with candy (tightly sealed so they won’t attract vermin) around your house with riddles guiding players to the next bag.
  • If you have a backyard you can safely build a campfire, you can make smores! No backyard? A BBQ on a terrace could work in a pinch.
  • Kids love making and then consuming candy-covered gingerbread houses at Christmas. Why not make a Haunted house this year? Trader Joe and Target both sell kits for less than $10.
  • There’s always that old standby: light some candles, turn off the lights and tell ghost stories! An old camp favorite is “pass the story”. Everyone tells a portion a story and when they reach a climactic moment passes the story to the next person. 

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