Thalé Blanc Spring 2021

As many fashion brands are hunkering down, retracting their fashion lines and collections, and only doing what is necessary to keep their fashion brands afloat, there are those few brave souls who see this new normal as an opportunity to test the waters. Thalé Blanc is one such fashion brand.

Known for their luxury handbags, for spring 2021 Thalé Blanc has decided to test the waters and dip their creative hands in the pool of women’s ready-to-wear. A bold move at any time, but especially during this retracting time in the market. And the courage to show your debut collection, Thalé Blanc Statements, during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) when so many brands opted out or simply went digital is indeed a gutsy endeavor.

“With Thalé Blanc Statements, I set out to give today’s modern woman, who is as likely to be a corporate executive or actor as she is to be a mother or philanthropist, a new version of what is quintessentially thought of as the ‘LA Look’,” says Deborah Sawaf, creative director of Thalé Blanc. “Think Hollywood meets music meets fashion … it’s a new LA-vibe … a basic with a serious twist that leaves people saying, ‘YOU look beautiful!’”

And from the looks of this collection that goes beyond seasons, not only will female consumers look and feel beautiful, female consumer will powerful, bold, and badass!! This collection is not for the shy of heart, of for those shrinking violets who want to hide in a corner and not be noticed. No sir, this spring 2021 collection is that warrior goddess is ready to her world by storm.

Sawaf’s couturier touches which are synonymous with her Thalé Blanc handbag collection were evident throughout the collection of dresses, coats, tops, skirts, pants, and vests.  Thoughtful detailing like quilted panels along with logo and verbiage printed taping provided sporty edginess that married flawlessly with higher end touches like the most luxurious fabrications in the market today and whimsical plays on proportion that are more commonly seen in the efforts of her avant-garde European counterparts.

Images courtesy of VERY New York

“Every woman is a statement by her very being and what better way to pay tribute to women than by having my collection be a part of my customers’ everyday personal statement,” explained Sawaf. Aptly said, and a perfect name for a collection for women who are unapologetically empowered with clothes that reflect that sense of purpose and confidence!!

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