Isabel Marant Resort 2021

For resort season many designers looked to 1980s silhouettes and design aesthetics for inspiration. In that regard, Isabel Marant followed suit.

In her Resort 2021 collection, Marant instituted looks of padded shoulders and sculptural sleeves which was an unmistakable nod the 80s exaggerated sculptural construction. That said; the 80s was the only inspiration for Marant. Marant looked to mid-20th century modern artists like Miro and Calder for added reference points. “It’s more sophisticated, but not complicated,” explained Marant, citing her ménage of refence points for this collection. There was also a hint of the androgyny, a point of view that often pops up in Marant’s collection.

Marant’s collection are characterized by her signature aesthetic of a mix between boho chic and rock chic. Often you will find a well-tailored jacket combined cropped leather or denim trousers.

Marant’s signature DNA is front and center in this resort collection. There are several well-tailored jackets combined with high-waisted denim-like jodhpurs or stirrup pants or acid-washed skirts.

Surprisingly, there are some formal dresses in this outing. There some dresses in draped velour or fluid Tencel with cut-outs. One only wonders in these trying times where to these very sophisticated dresses.

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Perhaps, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marant has remained hopeful that in the not-so-distant future consumers will have a proper place or event to wear this resort collection.  “The confinement forced me to be very pragmatic,” she said. “This was not a moment for being superficial.”

Hmm, hope springs eternal!!

—William S. Gooch

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