Ines Di Santo Bridal Spring 2021

For her bridal spring 2021 collection, Ines Di Santo looked to the beloved Greek Isles and other majestic beaches for inspiration. These backdrops often serve bridal destinations for her customer. So, with customer in mind Ines Di Santo has created a bridal collection that aptly serves her base.

In this season of global love with the realization that we are deeply connected to each other, particularly in a world where certainty is becoming an unavailable commodity, it is important to reflect and understand how much we need each other and how the actions of some affect the lifestyle of others.

In this time of global shifts and a new normal, Ines di Santo has committed to eco-conscious sustainability. This commitment is expressed in this spring 2021 bridal collection by Ines di Santo employing new fabrics such as a tissue Mikado that is made of 70% recycled plastic bottles.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

“More and more we are seeing brides and couples prioritizing sustainability and the environment as part of their decision-making process when it comes to their celebration and the wedding gown. This is our challenge as a bridal brand to speak to this emerging audience. Being a couture brand, we really create each gown with almost no waste as each gown is made custom for our brides’ measurements. We are not mass producing, so it is already in our nature to be more sustainable and eco-conscious. This season we are very excited to be introducing some new recycled fabrics into the line. We have one fabric made 70% of recycled bottles, but it is woven at such a high quality that one would never be able to tell upon touch; we are very excited about these types of new developments and plan on launching more and more each season,” explained Ines di Santo in a article.

Whether Ines di Santo is using eco-friendly fabrications or continuing to use traditional fabrics that have been so important to her bridal collections, her bridal collections will continue to be the highlight or every bridal season. And we are all the better for it!!

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