Sophie Et Voilà Bridal Spring 2021

You may ask yourself, why be informed of spring 2021 bridal collection in these uncertain times? When we are living in life-and-death times, wedding nuptials are not the first thing on most peoples’ mind. And these bridal collections are presented a year in advance, not necessarily an immediate need, so why bother?

Let’s re-examine this bridal challenge. Though this global pandemic has made everyone keenly aware of how precious life can be, that is no reason not to plan. We will get through this and good planning never goes out of style. (If the government had put together an adequate COVID-19 plan in the US, many lives would have been saved.)

Since 2016 Sophie Et Voilà, founded by Sofia Arribas, has gained considerable market traction due to the brand’s combination of elegance and simplicity. Often Arribas draws inspiration from her years spent as an architect and consumers will find clean, geometrical cuts balanced with a soft ethereal touch, reflecting each collections continuity and coherence. Each design is sewn entirely by hand in her Madrid and Bilbao-based atelier’s and crafted using the most exquisite fabrics and impeccable finishes.

For spring 2021, Sofia Arribas was inspired by the different kinds of women she and business and design partner Saioa Goitia have been, in other words their evolution as women. This spring 2021 embodies their growth evidenced in clean, geometrical cuts paired perfectly with floating layers of ethereal silk tulle and fringe.

The design duo elegantly balanced the hard and soft elements of this collection by celebrating the true femininity and power that lies within every womanelegance and audaciousness, virtuous and sensuous, maternal and nocturnal. Sleek Mikado slip gowns are adorned with detachable voluminous bows, ruffles and sleeves. Jumpsuits, minis and interchangeable separates offer a seamless transition from day to night. 

Images courtesy of ODA PR

Sustainably manufactured in Spain, the spring 2021 collection also introduces select styles made from completely recycled polyester fabrics. The contemporary designs and slow fashion philosophy of Sophie Et Voilà deliver a one-of-a-kind collection for the fashion forward and environmentally conscious bride.

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