Justin Alexander Signature Bridal Spring 2021

Is this the time to plan wedding nuptials? With the COVID-19 pandemic wrecking financial, health, and emotional havoc on the US economy and healthcare systems, one wonders if this time is appropriate for planning a wedding. Though this could and should be an individual choice, the viability of wedding nuptials seems to be unclear at this junction.

Still, consider that most weddings are planned well over a year in advance. So, if that is true, perhaps, the COVID-19 pandemic will have been resolved by April/May 2021 or at the very least calmed down enough so that friends and loved ones can safely attend a wedding.

With that theory in mind, it should be no surprise that the bridal industry has moved ahead with promoting bridal collections for the spring 2021 season. And though New York International Bridal Week spring 2021 season was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, many bridal designers forged ahead with digital presentations.

Justin Alexander was one such bridal designer. For his spring 2021 bridal collection, Justin Alexander was inspired by the sleek and sultry vibe of 1930’s jazz. And Justin Alexander expanded this inspiration by naming the bridal gowns in this spring 2010 collection after famous jazz artists, namely Dinah Washington, Duke Ellington, Peggy Lee, Count Basie, Billie Holiday, Dexter Coleman, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Etta James, and many others.

Like the sounds of the jazz era, this season’s styles are full of depth and range- featuring mixed textures, unique and ornate beading, and soft colors. The silhouettes are dramaticshowcasing sparkle details, large bows, plunging necklines, and low backs. Clean gowns and pantsuits rise up to another level with modern accessories, detachable elements, and floral details. This collection is a medley of elevated, edgy, chic, and fashion-forward designs.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Additionally, what Justin Alexander does so expertly in this collection is combining classic bridal silhouettes with a modern sensibility. And like the sassiness and exuberance of 1930s jazz, this spring 2021 bridal collection expresses a modern brides’ penchant for individuality, effervescence, and modern charm. This collection also has something that will appeal to brides from difference age demographics. From those younger brides that may want to reveal more skin and show off those svelte physiques to those more seasoned bridal consumers who are looking for something classic and sophisticated, this spring 2021 bridal collection does not disappoint. Bravo Justin!!

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