Editors’ Picks: Spring 2020 Handbags That Are Stylish and Safe

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We are all facing uncertain times, saving the lives of others and our own life by sequestering at home. We are probably not wearing any of our fabulous spring 2020 outfits purchased before the lockdown. Spring garments meant for a gala or a night out with friends. High-heel fans probably won’t be making a run to Trader Joe’s in stilettoes, and it is questionable if any of the cool, bodycon dresses still fit.

Don’t stress, there are options! Fashion Reverie has curated one of our favorite Spring accessories, handbags, just for you!!

These bags are easy to maintain for those who are germphobic or those just following recent sanitation rules. They are all hard to let go and easy to wipe off with great sections to hide your medical masks and, yet, are still springtime perfect.

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Shrimps ‘Antonia’ beaded tote is ideal for this season. It completes almost any ensemble and it comes in beautiful vibrant colors. Shrimps ‘Antonia’ is made of artificial beads that make stripes, and beaded handles. There is also a fabric lining. Easy to maintain. ($696)

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For spring 2020, Nancy Gonzales has a gorgeous clutch in a beautiful-pink lined satin with pvc material made of snakeskin. This bag is perfect for those who always needs an envelope clutch bag. This spring 2020 bag is perfect for dressing down, dressing up. ($695)

Image courtesy of neimanmarcus.com

Staud, a Los Angeles-based brand, always has stylish designs and is accessible to women from a variety of economic statuses. This spring 2020 bag is a two-in-one wonder and matches almost any outfit. Fashion Reverie would argue it could match any mood as well, since the color is neutral. ($208)

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Luxury veterans trust PRADA and the design team knows how to satisfy their consumer needs. How stylish is this transparent purse aligned with beautiful red color and a little mini Prada inside? It matches everything in my closet, how about yours? ($990)

Image courtesy of Olivela

This Olivela clutch has been crafted from woven bamboo and features two top handles and an unlined interior. Effortless, beautiful, and most of all stunning; this timeless piece is a must in every fashionistas’ closet. ($208)

Image courtesy of Ted Baker

Mini bags are still on trend for spring 2020. Sure, you can’t fill it with too many (un) necessary items, but you sure would look stylish with a little help from Ted Baker! Also, mini bags are so easy to clean and sanitize. ($195)

Image courtesy of Naghedi

Do you want to go big? Of course, you do, and for spring 2020 there are plenty of options. Why not get a nice Naghedi tote? Wear it to the beach, or to today’s place to go, the grocery store or pharmacy. Ugh!! ($275)

Enjoy Fashion Reverie’s suggestions. All these pieces are picked to accommodate the current health pandemic and to make you feel safe and stylish!!

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