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As this stay-at-home quarantine wears on, we’re all getting awfully restless. Are you looking for a way to pass the time? Fashion Reverie has put together another list of fashion friendly bingeable content to keep you sane as we wait for this madness to end. NeYC

Amazon Prime

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Making the Cut

Ever see something on “Project Runway” that you wanted to buy? Except for a few tie-ins with Macy’s, almost none of the looks were mass produced. However, on “Making the Cut” produced by Amazon, each week the winning look will be available in limited quantities. While the format is nearly identical to “Project Runway,” Amazon clearly provided the show with a big budget–the runway shows are spectacular!and a lot of freedom. The real star is Naomi Campbell as a judge, who clearly has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of fashion and a biting razor sharp wit.

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This 2017 documentary tackles the dark genius of troubled designer Alexander McQueen. The film explores his extraordinary and deeply controversial collections that made headlines with every showing. Interviews with close friends and family create a rounded portrait of this tortured fashion visionary who took his own life in 2010.

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First Monday in May

The Met Gala will not be taking place this year; cancelled because of COVID-19 concerns. Referred to as “The Superbowl of Fashion” this 2016 documentary goes behind the scenes, taking a hard look at how this complicated night comes together, and how tightly Anna Wintour controls it. Don’t take it too hard if you never get in, Wintour personally reviews each invite and reserves the right to revoke them for any reason.


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Next in Fashion

On the surface this seems like just another “Project Runway” clone but hosts Tan France and Alexa Chung make it fun and interesting. The contestants are skilled professionals who have already made a name for themselves in fashion but are looking to take it to the next level. So, no tacky home craft fashion here.  

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Styling Hollywood

Meet Jason Bolden and his husband, interior designer Adair Curtis as they create looks for Hollywood stars. This series, which charts an awards season in the life of the stylist Jason Bolden, carefully outlines the serious craft of costuming a star for a red-carpet performance. In passing asides and straight-to-camera testimonies, Jason shares his strategies for flattering clients’ figures and playing to their personalities.

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Ryan Murphy explores New York City’s African American and Latino LGBTQ and gender-non-conforming ballroom culture scene of the 1980s. From episode one, where a daring heist “liberates” several priceless royal gowns from a museum–Murphy insists it’s based on a true story–you’ll see some eye-popping fashion as well as some the best music from the 1980s. Make sure you have tissues handy, the AIDS epidemic rears its ugly head more than once.

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Gossip Girl

Remember this soapy drama from the aughts? It featured rich Upper Eastside teens –played by actors in their 20’s–who thanks to their parents’ deep pockets wore some of the best fashion of the decade.  Has there ever been a better time to dive into six seasons of escapist fun? Make sure to read the Netflix synopsis. Whoever wrote them was clearly having a good time.

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Schitt’s Creek

This heartwarming show just ended its six-year run (Season 6 is not yet on Netflix.) But despite the odd title, “Schitt’s Creek” is wonderfully funny and features some of the best fashion on television. It tells the story of the Rose family, once home video titans, but thanks to a corrupt business manager the Rose family find themselves bankrupt. Creator Dan Levy said it was important to him that the Roses hung onto their high-end clothes to symbolize their past. Levy insisted on purchasing genuine designer garments for the cast.   An entire episode revolves around Moira Rose ordering a $3700 Pamela Rolland dress.  

Cameron Grey Rose

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