Use This Pandemic Downtime to Detox Your Hair

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We have always known that excessive heat and daily styling is bad for hair. So, while stuck inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, take this time to detox from everyday essential styling in favor for going au natural.

According to Nicki Bianco, Creative Director at Saints & Sinners, “This has been a much- needed rest and detox for most people’s overworked strands. The lack of hair coloring, chemical services, heat styling, and environmental damage will surely have restorative effects. Chemical services and hot tools can strip the hair of protein and moisture, making the hair dry, brittle and fragile.”

Sal Misseri, owner of Reverie Salon adds that, “one thing people may not even realize is that environmental factors play a big part in the health of your hair and skin. There are so many toxins and pollutants in the air especially in a big city, and all of that can build up on the hair.”

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If you haven’t already, take a break from the heat

“Staying away from heat styling gives your hair cuticles a chance to calm down and heal without being blasted daily by heat and styling tools,” shares Andrea Jaclyn, stylist at BOMANE Salon in Los Angeles. Noting that for people with wavy hair, thanks to putting down the blow dryer/hair straightener/ curling iron, you’ll “notice them becoming more uniform and shinier.”

Misseri also mentions that pre-coronavirus quarantine, most people were rushing in the mornings and would, “… turn the heat up on their hot tools and over style the top layer, and front of the hair. Keeping heat styling to twice a week can show vast improvements to the cuticle of the hair. If you choose to heat style, use a heat protectant, like Davines’ MELU Hair Shield.”

But more and more people have swapped not just their beauty routine, but their routines in general. Which made us wonder if there were any negatives to this new normal?

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Wash your hair a little less often

“My downfall has been washing every day, since I’ve had time for at home workouts,” shares Jaclyn. “You must at least rinse the scalp after excessive sweating as the hormones released can cause thinning. A few days in I realized I had not even let it dry completely before it was wet again. The hair is weak when wet. You want to make sure you’re not constantly keeping it in a hair mask or wet all the time. It can cause breakage or a weakened cuticle.” Jaclyn recommends keeping your scalp and hair clean with Davines SOLU shampoo, stating that “it cleans beautifully and leaves hair silky unlike any other “detox, clarifying” shampoo, plus it is color safe.”

But it’s not just people sweating out the cabin fever, Misseri adds that a lot of the population is on a regular basis “over washing” their hair causing the scalp to dry out. “[which] in turn causing overactive oil production in order to create balance. Many people then see “greasy” hair and begin a vicious over washing cycle.” Suggesting that if you’re not already doing it, this is the perfect opportunity to give your hair a break, washing every other day or even every two days.

“… In fact, the less frequently you wash your hair the better, our natural oils from our scalp are full of benefits for our strands,” shares Bianco.   “Products like Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Moisture Shampoo actually contain anti-friction ingredients so when you do shampoo, there is no fraying of the hair fiber and strands are protected.”

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Detox, don’t neglect

“I could see the stress of this situation leaving a lot of people in a “what is the point” kind of mood.” Misseri shares. Which could cause people to not wash their hair enough or leave it unbrushed in a ponytail or top knot. But Misseri warns that “build-up of oil/sebum can cause clogged pores and result in lack of hair growth.”

Also, it’s so important to brush your hair. “Brushing the scalp and hair is a really great way to stimulate hair growth and distribute those necessary oils.” Misseri warns that leaving your hair in a hat or ponytail can also cause damage, “it’s important to have a ponytail holder that isn’t too tight or rough and constantly in the same spot which would cause breakage. Wearing a hat too often will not allow the scalp to breathe.”

And you might want to swap your pillowcase too!  “People are also likely staying in bed longer, and rough cotton pillowcases can dry out the hair and skin and cause hair to tangle and lock.” Misseri suggests a silk pillowcase to keep your tresses in tip top shape.

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Want to speed up the detoxing process? Try a hair mask

To make the most of your beauty revive, Bianco recommends brushing through your hair with a soft bristle brush to “… pull down the oils from your scalp onto the rest of your hair strands.” Also stating how helpful a hair mask can be recommending Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Hair Masque to help restore hair, which you can even leave on as you sleep.

Misseri uses Davines’ Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask or The Quick Fix Circle.

Recommending that you use a wide tooth comb with the mask on to distribute the mask evenly while detangling. But if you want something you can make at home, Misseri recommends a mixture of egg, avocado, and coconut/olive oil to restore moisture.

Walking out of the quarantine with healthier hair is as easy as washing it less, staying away from unnecessary heat, brushing it out, and avoiding extra breakage. Once you see the results, you might want to give your normal hair routine a “detox” a few times a year!

—Janine Silver

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