Laquan Smith Fall 2020

Laquan Smith’s time has arrived. Well, it actually arrived a few seasons back. Still, Smith’s fall 2020 collection solidified his status as an American designer that is a part of the new wave of designers that are rewriting rules and have distinctive voices.

Always known for his ultra-sexy collections, Laquan Smith’s fall 2020 collection did not stray too far from his form-fitting, titillating design aesthetic. In fact, in some respects he increased his in-your-face sexy vixen perspective. However, in this outing Smith added something that was sometimes missing in previous collections, elegance and sophistication.

The Laquan Smith client is not afraid of her sexuality, in fact, she flaunts it. And with Laquan Smith garments, you also need an incredible physique to show off his sex siren ware.

That said, Smith’s fall 2020 collection added another layer to his slaying-with-your-sexiness aesthetic. There were a few pieces in this collection that demonstrated that Smith knows how to play with volume and that he can exercise restraint when he wants to.

In this collection, Laquan Smith ingeniously married off-the-hip pants—some fitted, some baggy—with revealing shirts, top and crop tops. Though not exactly daywear, these combinations—reminiscent of club clothes from the 1970s and 80s—expands Laquan’s collection beyond sexy vixen night wear. This combination of sequined tops and shirts with streetwear pants also gave rise to the notion that Laquan Smith’s customer can be sexy with showing a lot of thigh or in skintight cocktail dresses with low décolletage. She can be an around-the-way-girl with va va voom to spare!!

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Another advance for Smith this season was his cast a A-list models, in fact, some supermodels. Adding Hilary Rhoda, Elsa Hosk, Daphne Groeneveld, Herieth Paul, Dahely Nunez, Alanna Arrington, Sanne Vloet, Lameka Fox, and Mason McKenrick to any runway elevates a collection.

If there was one drawback to this collection, that drawback would be needing to have a killer body, or close to sexy supreme physique, to wear these clothes. Still, sexy reigns supreme with Laquan. And that is a good thing!!

Keep up the good work, Mr. Smith!!

—William S. Gooch

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