Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2020

Sweden of the 1970s and the Parisian streets of the 1920s were the two contrasting forces that became the DNA of Zadig & Voltaire’s fall 2020 collection. The brand’s creative director, Cecilia Bönström, was inspired by her childhood memories of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden, for a collection that was heavily focused on color combinations. Though drawing from nostalgia, this fall 2020 collection managed to look toward the future.

Bönström brought back the colors, paisley patterns, and floral prints that graced the 70s in an era that was all about daring to dream and being bold. Although the 70s embraced disco nightlife, this collection was not your parent’s clubwear. Rather, it was vintage-inspired tastes with modern appeal for customers, embracing the streets of Paris and Sweden’s cultural hubs.

In contrast to the bright colors and patterns, and in the spirit of Parisian chic, there was also a lot of black that emanated from Zadig & Voltaire’s take on the little black dress. Additionally, the brand’s neutral penchant encompassed tailored suiting. The brand’s tailoring perspective works in parallel with the industry more recent concentration on tailoring, and in this respect, tailoring in the spirit of the roaring ‘20s. Still, this collection did not focus on the strict formality of the 1920s, but, rather, styling for women who want to present a powerful visage and men who want to look more stylish, while maintaining an edgy style like a rock n’ roll star in a suit.

While Bönström didn’t set out to make this a genderless collection, she worked to bend gender codes in fashion by creating silhouettes that go beyond gender. For that vintage meets modern aesthetic, there was also revamped tweeds, velvets, and aged leather. As today’s consumers are starting to covet vintage pieces and vintage looks, Zadig & Voltaire were on trend with these key details.

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The collection was a reminder when moving forward, often you have to pay homage to the past. Heritage and nostalgia don’t have to look dated or old news, but, rather, and be reinvented to project something new.

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