Libertine Fall 2020

Johnson Hartig’s latest Libertine collection was presented just a few days before Valentine’s Day, but he clearly had love on his mind. Hartig is known for his loud and proud left-of-center politics, and he’s not afraid to admit that a certain political figure is practically burning the ground as far as he’s concerned. And people need to wake up and do something proactive to save the planet.

In between trying to promote a left-of-center agenda, Hartig had found the time to do something that was meant to be a break from all of the horrors of humanity; create maximalist, colorful clothes, many of which featured heart motifs that became a key detail for Libertine’s fall 2020 collection. Despite his deep desire for a better world to happen and immediate change, Hartig sees fashion as a place where one can find peace and tranquility in color, pattern, and design. It is within our clothes that we can be free to dream in technicolor and send a message to the world about who we are.

In a world where everything chaotic and on a downward spiral, Libertine’s customers aren’t down and out. The Libertine customer expresses themselves jubilantly in embroidered capes with multicolored, emblazoned hearts in celebration of life. In the darkest of times, dare to be bold, and don’t let dim your glamor or your glitter-encrusted jacket from shimmering.

Images courtesy of the Krupp Group

As always, the eternal theme at Libertine is more is more. Tailored black suits were embellished with the entire alphabet in sequins, and coats were embellished with gold sequined guitars. A grey twill blazer was embellished with mixed media fabrics for a statement making effect. The collection was playful, pretty, and a much-needed punch to the mundane. No matter the state of the world, a good outfit can help you be your own shining light.

Kristopher Fraser

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